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The "O" Creator Stack 101

Mastering The Art of Stacking is no easy task, but Evogen Nutrition CEO Hany "The Pro Creator" Rambod has developed the ultimate RESULTS DRIVEN stack just for you. A stack is a combination of products that are used during key timepoints throughout the day or around training to support maximum results.

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The synergies created by these potent product combinations far exceed the effects of using any alone. With this in mind, THE "O" CREATOR STACK™ was developed to provide maximum volumnization and intensity to your training regimen. 


Watch the Video To Learn How this Stack Delivers Results

Stack Component 1

New! EVP® Xtreme N.O., elite training & pump ignitor, featuring NO3-T® nitrate technology. This highly touted and patented form of arginine is considered an industry staple and for good reason. It delivers hard-hitting, nitric oxide inducing substrates that require little conversion to induce rapid nitric oxide release. Evogen is using a HUGE dose of this to give you extreme vasodilation and pumps like you’ve never experienced before. Take your workouts to the extreme with energy, focus, pump, intensity and muscle volumization. 

Stack Component 2

New! EVP® AQ, premium liquid muscle volumizer, features 20g of pure liquid glycerol (as GLYCOSPAN™) to help elicit hyperhydration that causes enhanced hyperemia (blood volume), but it can also help increase endurance levels. The pumps it helps induce are unrivaled.

Stack Component 3 

New! Amino K.E.M. elite EAA and pump volumizer. This amazing tasting formula is packed with a full spectrum of properly dosed EAAs and BCAAs to accelerate recovery and muscle growth. Essential amino acids are the key to unlocking the power of hypertrophy (muscle growth). What helps bolsters Evogen’s EAA matrix is the fact it contains adequate dosages of BCAAs as well as all nine EAAs including tryptophan. Unfortunately, tryptophan is missing from many EAA products causing them to be incomplete. Without a complete EAA spectrum, an EAA product cannot be fully effective at maximizing muscle growth and recovery. However, what’s unique to this EAA formula unlike many others is that it is also designed to maximize nitric oxide release and blood flow featuring the same S7 technology also found in EVP AQ.


The "O" Creator Stack Timing 

Purchase it now and train like Olympia champions!

No synergy of products in the history of sports nutrition can so much ensure the ultimate in awe-inspiring results as the THE "O" CREATOR STACK™. Increase lean mass while making remarkable increases in energy, pump, endurance and recovery. Try this stack once and you’ll see and feel once and for all, what everyone else is talking about – 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod makes products that work.


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