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3 Benefits of Using a Coffee-Flavored Pre-Workout

3 Benefits of Using a Coffee-Flavored Pre-Workout

There are two things in this world that most people who are in the fitness industry can’t seem to live without. What are those two things? Pre-workouts and coffee. What could be better than pre-workouts and coffee? A coffee-flavored pre-workout. 

With a pre-workout, you’re looking for a certain criterion to fit your individual wants and needs. For most, that criteria consists of a pre-workout that not only tastes delicious but can provide sleeve-stretching pumps, heightened mental focus, endless amounts of energy, and the ability to go into the gym and simply destroy the weights. So, why not do it with a coffee-flavored pre-workout when you’re already looking to buy or make a cup anyway?

But why would you want a coffee-flavored pre-workout? We can think of three main reasons other than the obvious benefits of a pre-workout supplement. Let’s dive a little deeper and think outside the box regarding your typical flavored pre-workout.


1. Save Yourself Some Money 

It doesn’t matter if you make coffee at home or go out each morning and purchase a $5 cup from a fancy coffee shop — it’s expensive. All that money adds up quickly, and if you were to sit down and look at your monthly expenses, you’d probably be shocked at how much money is going towards a daily cup of Joe. That’s where a coffee-flavored pre-workout can keep your wallet fat and your waistline thin.

Assuming you’re an avid exerciser, you’re probably already using a pre-workout at some point during the day. And if you’re a true coffee lover, you could have a cup at 5am or 5pm, and it wouldn’t make much of a difference to you. Heck, you may have a cup at both times and several in between as well (I won’t judge you). At least a coffee-flavored pre-workout could save you from opening up your wallet for at least one of the cups you’ll consume throughout the day.

The ability to use a coffee-flavored pre-workout (that tastes as wonderful as the real thing) can be a fantastic start to your day. Imagine an iced mocha coffee that is rich and flavorful that can not only provide you with energy and a boost like a cup of coffee (but even more to get you through your groggy morning and brutal workout) but that can also provide you with laser-like focus thanks to powerful nootropics, an intense muscle pump that can feel like your skin is about to tear, and improvements in workout performance and intensity.


2. Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone 

Sure, you’re not going to wake up to the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of your favorite brew, but the flavor and workout benefits will more than make up for it. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than to combine two beverages you would be drinking in the morning anyway and turn them into one? A coffee-flavored pre-workout. (Don’t worry, no birds were harmed, we’re metaphorically speaking here) 

Think of all the time you’ll save not needing to brew your own cup of coffee in the morning before your workout or spending what seems like an eternity sitting in a line at your local coffee shop drive-thru. Now, you have the ability to use a coffee-flavored pre-workout that saves you time and money, allows you to be more productive, and having it in your arsenal can start your day off on the right foot and help you annihilate your morning workouts.


3. Non-Stim is Just Like Decaf 

For those of you who can’t handle stimulants or who train late at night where a heavy stim pre-workout would keep you up all night (but you love coffee), you can benefit from using a stimulant-free coffee-flavored pre-workout. You can gain all the benefits of a pre-workout, such as heightened mental focus, enhanced muscle pump, etc., only in a stim-free version.

You can consider such a pre-workout as a “decaffeinated” version of a coffee-flavored pre-workout. Even better, for those who aren’t a fan of stimulants can benefit further due to the profile including more nootropic ingredients to build a solid mind-muscle connection and allow you to get dialed in during your training session to help hit those deep, hard-to-reach muscle fibers. 

Just because you aren’t a fan of stimulants in pre-workouts doesn’t mean you can’t experience massive muscle growth by including a delightfully-flavored stim-free variety.


When Two Worlds Collide 

The problem with the above is that there really isn’t a coffee-flavored pre-workout on the market these days — or at least not one that is actually palatable. At least until now.

You could brew a cup of coffee and dump in a scoop of your favorite flavored pre-workout powder, but I’m willing to bet it’s not the caffeine that’s going to wake you up, but instead, the disgusting flavor that will probably have you doubled-over the trash can thinking about your life choices.

If only there were a way to make two worlds collide, take a delicious coffee flavor, and combine it with a powerful pre-workout to simplify the entire process. Well, today’s your lucky day. Welcome to Evogen Nutrition EVP Xtreme N.O. Iced Mocha Coffee — the most enjoyable coffee-flavored pre-workout that can kickstart your day and provide you with amazing benefits to crush your morning workouts (or any time you want to work out and miss the taste of coffee).

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We took one of our best-selling pre-workouts and created a coffee-flavored pre-workout that’s so incredibly mouth-watering you may contemplate having a few scoops of it throughout the day just for the flavor (but that’s not recommended, don’t do that — follow the directions and warnings on the label).

But best of all, this iced mocha coffee flavor will electrify your taste buds and wake up your senses just like your favorite cup of coffee would. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Oh, and when it comes to your “decaf” coffee… we have something brewing. STAY TUNED!


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