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The Sun and Evovite: A Powerful Vitamin D Double Duo

The Sun and Evovite: A Powerful Vitamin D Double Duo

Have you ever felt “different” or “not yourself” when you’re stuck indoors for a long time?  Maybe you work long hours and you beat the sun up and clock out after the sun has set?  You’re not crazy in thinking something isn’t right or that your brain is playing tricks on you.  In fact, many people feel this way – especially when the seasons change and we don’t experience as much daylight like when fall and winter come around.  This feeling of sadness or even depression comes from a deficiency in vitamin D.

Below is everything you need to know to help you better understand why vitamin D is so important, how to ensure you get your daily requirements, and what supplements you should use that can help prevent you from becoming deficient.


What’s Vitamin D and Why Is It So Important?

You are probably familiar with vitamin C (or have at least heard of it) as it’s one of the most commonly talked about vitamins.  Yet vitamin D is just as (if not more) important but somehow forgotten it seems.  We can get vitamin D through not only supplements but also naturally through the food we eat and being out in the sun.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  You can get good old natural vitamin D from sunshine.  To ensure you are getting your daily requirements, some foods you can include in your diet that are high in vitamin D include tuna, mushrooms, shrimp, eggs, oysters, and salmon. 

The good news surrounding this nutrient is that our bodies can produce around 90% of the vitamin D we need each day on its own.  However, without direct sunlight or consuming foods that high in that particular vitamin, the percentage can drop significantly and it’s for that reason many don’t feel like themselves and may also find they get sick more often due to their immune system not getting the boost it needs from this specific vitamin.

What’s the big deal with this vitamin and why should we care so much?  Well, vitamin D is vital for the absorption of calcium.  Calcium is an incredibly important mineral our body demands and needs in order to maintain and build strong bones and teeth while minimizing the risk of osteoporosis. 

Those of you who don’t consider yourself old are probably rolling your eyes and aren’t’ concerned about osteoporosis just yet but some other roles of calcium that could affect you right now include assisting with muscular contractions (such as during exercise), blood clotting, fluid balance within cells, nerve transmission and impulses, as well as regulating your heartbeat (that’s pretty important).

Another area that many are not aware of is that vitamin D can help increase your testosterone levels by boosting your body’s natural production.  Testosterone is vital for helping add quality lean muscle mass as well as maintaining the tissue itself.  As a byproduct of a rise in natural testosterone production, you may also notice a heightened sex drive, libido, and overall sexual function.

Adequate vitamin D intake can:

  • Boost immunity
  • Fight off illnesses
  • Increase natural testosterone levels
  • Enhance libido and sexual function
  • Help ward off seasonal depression
  • Improve your mood


The Sun Doesn’t Exactly Supply You with Vitamin D?

While it’s common to hear people say to get out in the sun and reap the benefits of natural vitamin D, that’s not exactly an accurate statement.  The sun itself doesn’t bestow upon you a daily dose of vitamin D by just standing there and getting pounded by the UV rays.  Rather, the sun kickstarts the process and allows your body to boost its own natural production.

In as little as 10 minutes outdoors in direct sunlight, your body can effectively produce your daily requirement of this important vitamin.  Should your body produce excess, it can actually store it in the body as a backup for if/when it’s needed later.

Essentially, direct sunlight is what causes your body to produce a hormone called calcitriol.  Calcitriol is a form of vitamin D3 which also helps prevent calcium deficiencies.  As mentioned above, we rely on calcium to aid in everyday functioning as well as life itself. 


Setting Yourself Up to Win with A Solid One-Two Punch

While it is always a good idea to get outside, get some fresh air, and allow your body to reap the benefits of sunlight and the free production of natural vitamin D, getting outdoors isn’t always a possibility.  You have poor weather, cold weather, and seasons where sunlight is at a minimum.  Even worse, depending on where you live your daylight could always be limited.  For instance, if you live in Juneau, AK, the annual percentage of sunshine is only 30%.  That’s a whole lot of darkness!

As mentioned earlier, when the colder months come rolling through and we lose precious daylight, people are forced to look elsewhere to fulfill their vitamin D needs.  When they don’t, not only can they suffer from season depression, but they may also notice a drop in testosterone levels, weakened immunity, and a loss of libido and sex drive.  That’s where supplements come into play. 

Evogen Nutrition has created two products that help fulfill your daily requirements through the help of Evovite and Evovite Naturals. 

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The Evovite line of supplements helps bridge any gaps you may have nutritionally from a micronutrient standpoint.  Not only is it loaded with vitamin D, but also other key vitamins and minerals in addition to patented ingredients like CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine and Longvida SD® Curcumin Extract. 

A major point of differentiation between the Evogen Nutrition Evovite products and others on the market is the fact that Evogen has set the industry standard by using only the highest quality Albion® Certified Chelated Minerals which are bound to amino acids to help ensure maximum bioavailability and uptake by the body.  This means you’re going to get the best bang for your buck.  Many other over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplements use inferior ingredients with low bioavailability and high markup costs and margins which can ultimately be flushed down the toilet (literally). 

Evovite provides you with a full month supply of nutritional insurance to help protect your health and fuel your active lifestyle.  With superior bioavailability, Evovite can help increase your performance, speed up your recovery, and support your overall health and the health of your organs.  Don’t suffer and succumb from a vitamin D deficiency or a deficiency in any other micronutrient for that matter.  Take charge of your health by combining time in the sun with an elite product like Evogen Nutrition Evovite and experience the difference for yourself.


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