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3 Added Benefits of Supplementing with Evovite

3 Added Benefits of Supplementing with Evovite

I’m just going to keep it real with you… typically there’s nothing fun or sexy about a multivitamin. Sure, it helps you feel better and can fill any nutritional gaps you may have so you don’t find yourself deficient in any key micronutrients, but does anyone wake up thrilled to take their multivitamin? It’s not like a crazy pre-workout formula or delicious protein powder that gets you excited to take. That being said, Evogen Nutrition Evovite could very well be the only multivitamin in the industry to cause such a reaction.


The Power of Evogen Nutrition Evovite 

Evovite utilizes the highest quality ingredients, which include the ultra-premium and trademarked Calci-K, Albion, and TRAACS. The precise formula found in Evovite is known for its superior bioavailability, its ability to improve performance and recovery, boost overall health, as well as providing organ support.

I know what you’re thinking, “So, what exactly sets Evogen Nutrition Evovite from every other multivitamin out there, including what I’m currently taking?” That’s a great question, and it has a very purposeful answer.

There are three main ingredients in Evogen Nutrition Evovite that help separate it from all of the other multivitamins on the market. These three ingredients are part of what comprises the Health & Performance Matrix of the formula – a unique mix of powerful ingredients that were handpicked by Hany Rambod to create the ultimate multivitamin that goes further than just vitamins and minerals.

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To take a few steps back and provide you with some backstory, 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod wasn’t thrilled with what he saw in the multivitamin market and felt the products on the shelves left something to be desired. In an effort to provide his IFBB pro clients with optimal nutrition and the highest quality nutrients, he got to work, formulating the ultimate multivitamin to help keep athletes across the globe from becoming deficient in nutrients that could negatively affect their health and workouts.

Point blank… Evovite is a performance-driven multivitamin that stands in a class of its own.


Can Your Multivitamin Do All of This? 

When Hany was formulating Evovite, he knew it had to be different – it couldn’t be a regular everyday multivitamin that would get lost in the industry. Not only did it need to be appropriately dosed, but it needed to be easily absorbable while also being suitable for an active lifestyle. More specifically, one that could stand up to strict dieting, intense cardio sessions, and grueling resistance training protocols. Not any cookie-cutter formula thrown together would do for elite athletes – their bodies demand a premium multivitamin.

That’s when the approval was provided, and the green light was given to move forward with the production of the methodical formulation that is better known today as Evovite.

Sure, Evovite includes a long list of 40+ vitamins and minerals to help fill micronutrient gaps, but there are three ingredients that truly set this formula apart from all of the other multivitamins out there. These three ingredients are Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn®), Longvida SD, and Boron (Albion). 

What makes these ingredients so special? Here are three incredibly advantageous benefits that you can experience thanks to the handpicked ingredients that help make up the Health & Performance Matrix.


1. Performance Enhancement

One of the most unique aspects of Evovite is the inclusion of beta-alanine (or, more specifically, the patented version, which is CarnoSyn®). CarnoSyn® is an incredibly powerful ingredient that you would generally only find in various pre-workout supplements, but when added to a multivitamin like what we have here with Evovite, you can achieve some pretty impressive performance enhancements.

With more than 55 studies backing its effectiveness, CarnoSyn® is the real deal. There are beta-alanine supplements, and then there are supplements with CarnoSyn® – Hany did not choose to cut corners or go the route of utilizing an inferior form just to save money which is something everyone should appreciate.

CarnoSyn® has been shown to be able to help build lean muscle mass, increase endurance, enhance mental focus, and improve recovery. This addition can help start and end your day by properly aligning with your goals and helping fuel your active and busy lifestyle.


2. Brain Health and Cognitive Benefits 

Next on the list of ingredients that provide added benefits in the Evovite formula is Longvida SDcurcumin. Unless you’re completely detached from health and nutrition, you’ve probably heard of the benefits that can be achieved through supplementing with curcumin. 

This potent ingredient contains some incredible brain health and cognitive benefits on top of its stellar list of health benefits like being a natural anti-inflammatory, possessing antioxidant properties, decreasing joint pain and inflammation, and helping to slow down the aging process. 

The key benefit here is that we could all use a boost in cognition, mood, and brain health. This could be in the office, at school, at home, and even in the gym. We all live chaotic lives where we try to cram as much as we can into every 24 hours. What many people are left with is a poor mood, overwhelming stress levels, and the combination can create some pretty dramatic mental health issues and disorders.

Longvida SDcurcumin can help elevate mood and memory, improve neurocognitive function, reduce oxidative stress, and boost cognition. With so many brain health benefits, Longvida SDcurcumin truly sets itself apart from all the other sources on the market today.


3. Build Strong Bones and Muscles

While you have certain micronutrients like calcium that help play a role in bone health, there’s another micronutrient that you should pay particular attention to, and it’s another powerhouse included in the Evovite Health & Performance Matrix – Boron. 

Boron plays some pretty significant roles when it comes to helping you improve your physique and support your active lifestyle. For starters, everyone should be worried about their bone health and the strength of their bones (especially as they age). Evovite utilizes a particular form of boron (Albion) that has been proven to be effective, safe, and beneficial. 

When looking at the benefits of boron, it has been found to help maintain and improve bone strength, as well as specifically help female athletes increase their bone mineral density.

The benefits don’t simply end there. How about some muscle-building benefits? It has been found that those who supplement with boron have the ability to increase testosterone production. Obviously, having healthy testosterone levels play a direct role in building lean muscle tissue.

Looking at the big picture in terms of strong bones and building muscle is that they go hand-in-hand. 

In order to build muscle and improve your physique, you need bones that are capable of providing the foundation to which the muscles are attached. Weak and brittle bones have a greater chance of breaking. And as you get older, you will want to maintain as much lean muscle mass as you can, along with preserving bone health to help prevent issues such as osteoporosis from arising.


Twice a Day Formula for Maximum Results

To ensure your body is absorbing and utilizing everything found in this powerful, premium multivitamin, it is recommended that you take one tablet with breakfast and then a second tablet with dinner to meet the physical demands of your active lifestyle. 

If you want to experience a next-level, physique-supporting multivitamin, Evogen Nutrition Evovite has you covered. Try it today, and you may feel a difference from the very first dose!

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