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Team Evogen Elite Welcomes IFBB Classic Physique Pro Abtin Shekarabi

Team Evogen Elite Welcomes IFBB Classic Physique Pro Abtin Shekarabi

Evogen Nutrition has been focusing on bringing a well-rounded team together. Hany Rambod is proud to announce the signing of IFBB Pro League Classic Physique athlete and Olympian Abtin Shekarabi.

Originally from Iran, Abtin emigrated to the United States four years ago. With roots in gymnastics and martial arts by the age of 6, Abtin turned to soccer for more competition around the age of 12 which led him to the gym by the age of 15. After a solid year of great results his coach pushed him to make a serious transition to bodybuilding and a few years later at the age 18 Abtin entered his first bodybuilding competition.

After progressing on the Iranian National stage and winning his class three times, he realized he had a great talent and work ethic for the sport of bodybuilding. Once Abtin came to the US, he competed in the Arnold Classic amateur and got second place in 2018, one year later he won in two divisions: Classic Physique and Bodybuilding (middleweight), while also winning the overall in Classic Physique as well.

One-week later Abtin went to New Zealand for his IFBB Pro debut which he won in the Classic Physique division qualifying him for the Mr. Olympia competition in 2019. Unfortunately, an injury prevented Abtin from competing in the Olympia that year. However, after winning the Southwest Muscle Classic, a Muscle Contest, competition he re-qualified for the 2021 Olympia where he placed 14th.

Now Abtin has his sights set on a 2022 Olympia qualification over the next five months. Check out the video above on how his training style has helped him grow. Now with the help Evogen Nutrition supplements and the watchful eyes 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod stay tuned to see how he will get 3D into the future with his career.  

Follow @abtin_shekarabi.ifbbpro on Instagram to track his progress as well as @EvogenNutrition



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