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Team Evogen Elite Signs IFBB Wellness Pro Victoria Puentes

Team Evogen Elite Signs IFBB Wellness Pro Victoria Puentes

Evogen Nutrition
is known for signing some elite and ambitious athletes. The newest addition to the growing Evogen Elite team is IFBB Pro League Wellness athlete Victoria Puentes. Originally from Las Cruces, NM she currently resides in San Antonio, TX.

Victoria was a former collegiate soccer player where she was a goalkeeper. She got into bodybuilding first when she was working at GNC where she saw magazines of bodybuilders that sparked her interest to take the gym more seriously. She began competing with the NPC April of 2015 in the figure division. When the Wellness division was created, Victoria felt she hit her stride in the sport because the physique requirements line up more with her body type.  She went on to earn her IFBB Pro card at the prestigious NPC Nationals in the Wellness division.

Victoria is currently prepping for her IFBB Pro League debut. Bodybuilding for her is more than simply aesthetics - it’s about the internal journey that takes place to become who you need to be to transform on all levels to earn the placings you’re competing for on the pro stage.

Her training style employs FST-7 which she has learned about years ago and she also with progressive loads as well. Victoria trains her lower body three times a week and stays away from training upper body because she puts on size too easily, instead for the days she doesn’t train she focuses on posing, cardio, or takes a rest day. Victoria’s favorite supplements that she uses most from Evogen Nutrition are Lipocide IR and Carnigen with caffeine which helps her through those cardio sessions.

As a huge fan of Hany Rambod and Evogen Nutrition, telling Hany years ago at her first Olympia as a spectator that he could expect to one day see her with Evogen! Victoria has the positive mind set and ability to visualize her continued success in the sport which makes her a great fit for athlete roster. 

Follow Victoria on Instagram @vpuentes

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