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Optimizing Physical Health with Pomegranates

Optimizing Physical Health with Pomegranates

Not too long ago, there was a craze surrounding pomegranates.  Americans were rushing to their local grocer to pick up there deliciously red beauties.  People were adding them to their food, such as yogurt and drinking pomegranate juice.  Then, almost as quickly as the trend came, it went away.  Poof – without a trace.  This is quite interesting and shocking as the benefits of pomegranates are immense.   

In this article, we will look at three of the ways implementing pomegranates into your nutrition can aid in optimizing physical health. 

First, let’s discuss a little bit about this tasty and beautiful red fruit. 


Pumped About Pomegranates 

For starters, we need to understand how to eat pomegranates.  Unlike similar-looking fruit, you don’t merely bite into pomegranates like you would something like an apple.  You need to make vertical cuts through the fruit in order to open it up into small sections.  The reason for this is because inside the fruit are little arils (the round-shaped edible part of pomegranates).  What you want to do is scrape out all of the arils into a bowl or container and throw the remaining parts of the pomegranate away as they are inedible. 

You can then eat these extremely sweet arils plain, put them in something like cereal or yogurt, or use them to make your own homemade pomegranate juice.

This powerhouse of a fruit is often referred to as a “superfood” and is loaded with helpful micronutrients that aid in optimizing physical health. 

Now, for some ways pomegranates aid in optimizing physical health.


1.    Improves Mental and Physical Performance 

The ability to improve mental and physical performance is crucial in optimizing physical health.  Should both ever decrease (such as with age or illness), it can negatively affect your health.

Pomegranates are loaded with what are known as nitrates, which aid in increasing blood flow.  Not only is this beneficial for those who exercise and are trying to maintain their health and fitness, but you also need to take into account that an increase in blood flow helps the brain as well.

Another benefit of incorporating pomegranates into your nutrition plan is that they can also help reduce fatigue when training.  This would allow you the ability to push yourself harder in the gym and achieve better results – ultimately helping you improve your health. 

From a mental performance and mental health aspect, pomegranates have been shown to help improve memory.  They say where the mind goes, the body follows.  Maintaining your mental health is a vital part of optimizing your physical health as well as your longevity and ability to maintain your independence and freedom. 

Oh, and guys… I possibly saved the best for last in this category – pomegranates can help improve erectile dysfunction for those who suffer by increasing blood flow and can be used as a “natural Viagra.” 


2.    Loaded with Beneficial Antioxidants 

When it comes to optimizing your physical health, antioxidants are a great form of defense.  Our bodies are under siege on a daily basis from free radicals.  Free radicals attack the body and cells, causing healthy cells to become damaged, destroyed, or even mutated.  Free radicals can even impact our DNA.  Overall, this oxidative damage done by free radicals is what causes us to fall ill with sicknesses as well as specific diseases.

Free radicals can also cause inflammation in the body.  Inflammation in the body can lead to pain (such as in the joints), swelling, loss of function or mobility, and chronic inflammation can even lead to serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  Inflammation can also affect the brain and cause our mental performance and health to decline by potentially causing diseases like Alzheimer’s.   

There are many reasons why free radicals are present in the body.  Some of them include exercise, stress, foods that are high in sugar, high-fat diets, consuming too many processed foods, environmental air pollution, toxins, obesity, and tobacco products, to name a few examples. 

In order to put up a fight against free radicals and inflammation, foods that are rich in antioxidants would be ideal.  Being that pomegranates are full of helpful antioxidants, they would be a perfect addition to your current nutrition plan.


3.    Protects Heart Health 

The heart and brain are two organs that you absolutely need working optimally to protect your health and keep you alive.  Heart disease is the number one killer globally and is something we can all work towards preventing in our own lives.

There are many factors that come into play with maintaining the health of your heart and minimizing the risk of heart disease.  Much of it comes down to your activity level and the food you put in your body.  High cholesterol levels can cause clogging of the arteries, which can lead to many conditions such as heart attack and stroke. 

The good news is, Pomegranates contain punicic acid, which has been found to help decrease LDL cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol), may support the cleansing of plaque from arteries, and can also aid in lowering blood pressure.  Those who suffer from high blood pressure are at a much higher risk for strokes and heart attacks, and many do not even know their numbers are high until it’s unfortunately too late – which is why high blood pressure has been deemed “the silent killer.”


The Power of a Patented Pomegranate Extract

Do you want to supercharge your health, but fitting pomegranates into your daily routine just isn’t a possibility?  Or maybe you simply aren’t a fan of its sweet taste or the fact that you need to put in some work to get the arils out from inside the fruit?  Not to worry, Evogen Nutrition Evogreens has you covered! 

This premium greens formula is packed with six servings of fruits and vegetables, two billion CFU probiotics, and 150mg of patented VitaGranate® pomegranate extract. 

VitaGranate® pomegranate extract has been shown to increase a heart-health enzyme called Paraoxonase 1.  PON1 (Paraoxonase 1) activity was shown to increase by as much as 47% when VitaGranate® was consumed, which can help improve your overall physical health as well as your longevity. 

Evogen Nutrition Evogreens comes in four delicious flavors – fruit punch, chocolate, berry, and lemon mint.  With as little as one scoop of Evogreens per day, you can achieve all of the health benefits in an easy to mix beverage that you’ll (unlike similar products out there) look forward to drinking. 

Start optimizing your physical health with the help of Evogen Nutrition Evogreens!  Your health never tasted this good!

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