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3 Reasons Why People Are Going Plant-Based Protein vs Dairy-Based

3 Reasons Why People Are Going Plant-Based Protein vs Dairy-Based


If you were to walk around the gym and ask people what kind of protein powder they use, most would probably say whey.  Why is that?  Because for the longest time, whey protein was considered the gold standard source for getting in adequate protein and helping hit your daily protein requirement.  That being said, there is a HUGE movement of plant-based protein powder options hitting the market which has a few people scratching their heads about whether or not they should consider making the switch.

(Spoiler alert… you should consider it)

Regardless of if you are vegan, a vegetarian, or simply someone who focuses on their health, a plant-based protein can offer you many benefits.  Below, you will find three reasons why people are going the route of plant-based protein versus dairy-based.


  1. Health Benefits with Plant-Based Protein 

While both plant-based protein and dairy-based protein have varying benefits, many associate a greater benefit from plant.  Plant-based protein comes with a hefty set of health benefits that many find advantageous and for that reason are picking up a tub of plant protein and making the switch.

Some of the health benefits you may experience through the use of a plant-based protein include:


Improve Digestion:  

When it comes to whey protein powders that come from dairy, some can cause digestion issues which could mean you aren’t able to fully utilize and absorb all of the nutrients.  When gut health is compromised, it can allow harmful bacteria to come in and do damage.  For that reason, many have made the switch to plant-based protein to help reduce gut health issues and to help stay regular thanks to the fiber content found in plants.


Reduction in Body Weight:

For many consumers, this benefit alone could be enough to make the switch.  As a recent study shows, those who consumed plant-based nutrients were able to decrease weight and overall body fat.  In addition, those who consumed plant proteins were better able to stay satiated versus those who consumed dairy-based protein which could bode well to those who find they generally have cravings throughout the day – causing them to consume unhealthy food options that could lead to weight gain.


Increase in Longevity:

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and live longer?  A study looked into how a diet containing plant-based protein affected longevity and found that those who focused on a diet full of healthy plants had a lower mortality rate and lived a longer and healthier life compared to those who focused on dairy-based protein.


Lower Risk of Heart Disease: 

While men are generally about twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, both genders are greatly affected.  That said, researchers found that those who filled their nutritional needs with plant-based protein were better able to lower the risk of heart disease

Some other health benefits that can be seen through the use of plant-based protein include lower blood pressure, reduction in cancer risk, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and an improvement in their bloodwork.



  1. You Can FEEL Better with Plant vs Whey Protein

When you think of health, many look at the exterior (the body) versus what’s going on and how they are feeling on the inside.  Just because you look fit and healthy doesn’t always mean you are.  That said, research has found that when utilizing plant-based protein and a diet full of healthy plants, not only can you feel better, but you can also see the health of your skin improving.  As you know, your skin is the largest organ of the body, and therefore just like we would with any other area of the body, we need to pay special attention to improving and preserving its health.

Another area where plant-based protein truly shines is in how people feel when they consume it.  Around 65% of the population suffers from a lactose intolerance.  The common symptoms they may experience include bloating, upset stomach, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea.  These symptoms can last anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes.  These issues can, unfortunately, be felt when people consume a dairy-based protein source. 

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Through the use of plant-based protein, these negative effects can be eliminated and allow you to feel better not only about your choice in a protein powder but also how you feel after consuming a protein shake.


  1. Sustainability of Resources 

If you are someone who cares about planet earth and the use of its resources, from a sustainability standpoint, a plant-based protein should excite you.  There is less damage done environmentally with plants than there is with animals and livestock (such as cows).  Also, when you think about what the cows eat to help produce dairy-based protein, they eat protein-rich plants.  Therefore, in a way, by using plant-based protein powders, you’re essentially cutting out the middleman (the cows). 

It has been found that plant-based protein and foods, in general, scored the lowest on the overall impact when it came to the agriculture’s pressure on the environment.  Additionally, when it comes to creating a sustainable food source, it is much easier to produce plant-based food than it is dairy/meat while also using up fewer resources to have it grow.

Take one step deeper and looking at what is needed to maintain plant-based protein and food options, it has been found that plant protein drastically reduces land usage, energy consumption, water consumption, and emissions when compared to dairy-based protein.


Are You Ready to Go Green?

If you are looking for a high-quality plant-based protein powder, look no further than Evogen Nutrition GreenTein.  This grain-free plant protein contains 20g of plant-based protein coming from pea protein isolate, pumpkin seed protein, and watermelon seed protein.  With 7g of EAAs (essential amino acids) and fortified with B12 vitamins, you’ll get a delicious and rapid-acting premium plant-based protein you’ll actually look forward to drinking. 

With zero added sugars, zero grains, zero synthetic flavors, and being dairy- and gluten-free, the ultra-pure GreenTein is the best plant-based protein to suit all of your needs and can be used any time of day.  If you’re looking for a nutritious plant-based protein that basically goes from garden to shaker, Evogen Nutrition GreenTein is the answer.  Available in mouth-watering Vanilla Almond and Dark Chocolate Caramel flavors!

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