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2023 Mr. Olympia Wrap-Up: Another Year of Evogen Dominance

2023 Mr. Olympia Wrap-Up: Another Year of Evogen Dominance

What an exciting weekend we all witnessed! With history being made nearly across the board, the 2023 Mr. Olympia Weekend was a huge success. Those who made the trek to Orlando, FL, were blessed with one of the best Olympia productions ever. 

With athletes and fans from across the globe walking around Orlando to witness the best physiques take the Olympia stage, it made Disney jealous. There’s so much to cover in our 2023 Mr. Olympia wrap-up, so let’s not waste any more time and jump right into things.


The Evogen Elite Athletes Never Disappoint — And Derek Stole the Show! 

There was much talk when Flex Lewis left the 212 Division for the Open. Many thought he had the potential to be the first multi-division Olympia winner. Unfortunately, we never got to see that come to fruition. Luckily for us, this weekend at the 2023 Mr. Olympia, that very achievement was accomplished by Derek Lunsford.

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Going into the show, all talk was about the Hadi vs. Derek showdown. Last year, it was nearly a coin flip of whether Hadi or Derek would take home the Sandow Trophy, and this year was no different. 

Looking at the side-by-side comparisons, that $400,000 check could have been going how to either. Only this year, we put the crown on a new champion, Derek Lunsford, and the internet exploded. 

Leading up to this past weekend, Hany Rambod was busy putting the finishing touches on Hadi and Derek. Both were confident and brought their best packages to date. Hany had these warriors ready to do battle, and when the smoke cleared and Bob Chick announced, “And newwwwwww…” Derek knew and threw his arms up in victory. 

While Derek stole the night away from the competition, Hadi Choopan has nothing to hang his head over. After all, let’s face it, it was an Evogen athlete versus an Evogen athlete and a Hany client versus a Hany client. There was going to be a winner and someone who had to come in second. On Saturday night, it was Derek taking home his first Sandow.

They always say that shows are won from the back, and Derek closed the door on every competitor when they turned around for the judges. It was lights out as soon as Derek hit his first pose from the back, showing off insanely wide and detailed lats that tapered down to a small waist, crazy striated glutes, and impressive wheels.

On front shots, it’s hard to compete with Hadi, but Derek stood there toe-to-toe with the previous champ. Hadi, as always, brought his stellar conditioning and full, round muscle bellies with muscle fibers showing all over the place.

I’m going to call it a year ahead of schedule, but the top three from the 2023 Mr. Olympia are going to put on one heck of a show next year. Be ready!


History Was Made on Both Men’s and Women’s Divisions

When you look at the rest of the field from the Men’s Open, Samson Dauda (who came off an Arnold Classic win) came in third, 2019 Olympia winner Brandon Curry took home fourth, and an always-improving Andrew Jacked rounded out the top five placings.

Samson Dauda is someone everyone should keep their eyes on, and if competitors go into 2024 sleeping on this man, they are going to watch him steal their placings.


212 Division

In a shocking decision, “The Giant Killer” Shaun Clarida was dethroned by Keone Pearson. Keone has been chipping away his physique since leaving Classic Physique, and it clearly paid off for him. Keone brought a package that not only showcased mounds of muscle but he also brought aesthetics to the stage, that many appreciate.

Shaun Clarida took home second but has nothing to hang his head at. He brought another insane physique to the 2023 Mr. Olympia stage, and between his muscle mass and conditioning, he’s going to continue to push the line-up in the years to come and possibly regain his title next year.


Classic Physique 

Classic Physique is a division that many say could one day shadow the Men’s Open. What started as a smaller class has grown into something that has been dominated by one man who just so happens to be coached by none other than Hany Rambod — Chris Bumstead.

In 2022, Chris suffered from some injuries leading into the show but was still able to take home his fourth Olympia title. This year, while also finding himself injured during his prep, Chris brought something to the stage that could have easily stood next to guys in the Men’s Open. 

Chris Bumstead was tested by the great physique that Dino brought this year, but when the final name was called, it was Chris Bumstead taking home his fifth title. With how much Chris improves from year to year, there could be no end to his reign until he decides to hang up his trunks.

Ramon “Dino” brought another fantastic package to the stage but was, yet again, edged out by Bumstead’s dominance. Dino has a very bright future and will continue to improve leading into next year’s Olympia, where it will be anyone’s game if Chris doesn’t come correct. Urs Kalecinski rounded out the top three with an impressive physique and placing.


Men’s Physique 

The line-ups in Men’s Physique continue to change with each passing year, it seems. This year, Ryan Terry took home the top spot, securing his first Olympia title, narrowly edging out Brandon Hendrickson. Erin Banks came in third.



Whenever you get to be graced by the presence of one of the best to ever step onto the Fitness stage, it’s always monumental. The 2023 Mr. Olympia did not disappoint as we witnessed the return of Oksana Grishina. Oksana owned the Fitness division for years, winning four to her name. She then stepped away from the sport and, after six years from winning her fourth, came back to reclaim her title this year, making it a fabulous five.

While Oksana was the clear winner, Taylor Learmont brought an amazing performance and physique, earning her second place. Third went to Jaclyn Baker, fourth to Ariel Khadr, and fifth to Whitney Jones.



Very few people can say they won an Olympia title. But at the 2023 Mr. Olympia, it’s even harder to find someone who can say they won seven consecutive titles. And in case you have no idea who I’m talking about, it’s Cydney Gillon.

When it comes to the Figure Division, Cydney truly stands alone. Not to discredit the physiques of the other competitors, but Cydney seems to truly be unstoppable. How many more titles does she have left in her? Only time will tell.

Rounding out the top five is Jessica Reyes Padilla in second, Lola Montez in third, Cherish Richardson in fourth, and Natalia Soltero in fifth.



There has only been one winner in the Wellness Division coming into the 2023 Mr. Olympia. Francielle Mattos was the favorite coming into the show, and she did not come to give up her title. She brought a complete package and maintained her title while standing next to a great group of ladies. Behind her was Isabelle Nunes, coming in second, and Elisa Alcantara, coming in third.


Women’s Physique 

Natalia Abraham Coelho has been the poster woman for the Women’s Physique division. Her physique seems to match everything the judges are looking for. Then steps in Sarah Villegas at the 2023 Mr. Olympia to shake things up. Sarah brought the goods, and the judges clearly saw the improvements to her physique as she took home the Women’s Physique title, sending Natalia to second and Zama Benta to third.



In only six Bikini Olympia appearances, Jennifer Dorie won her second Olympia title. I’ll be totally honest, it’s hard to place these women. They all look amazing, and I have to give it to the judges when it comes to picking apart who places where. Jennifer Dorie looked phenomenal, and coming in behind her was Maureen Blanquisco, taking second. Third went to Dahye Jeon. Fourth to Lauralie Chapados. And fifth to Elisa Pecini.


Hany Rambod Wins Number 24!

Going into the 2023 Mr. Olympia, Hany Rambod already had an impressive 22 Olympia titles under his belt among many athletes spread across all divisions. This year, Hany added to his dominance as a coach by adding another two wins — thanks to Derek Lunsford and Chris Bumstead.

Standing at 24 Olympia wins, there is no slowing down for Hany. He’s all gas and no brakes. Look for Hany Rambod to add even more titles in the coming year as he continues to help improve his clients and help them win even more Olympia titles!


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