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Team Evogen Elite Signs Coach Shaunna Marie

Team Evogen Elite Signs Coach Shaunna Marie

Evogen Nutrition has announced the signing of Shaunna Marie, a New York-based lifestyle coach, in another move to bolster their already star-studded team of Evogen Elite Coaches.

Shaunna started in the fitness industry in 2013 while she was going through health concerns where the doctor told her to stop training. However, Shaunna used training as a way for her mental health therapy. Because of her competitive attitude she entered her first bodybuilding bikini competition. From there Shaunna’s client base grew from not only competitors, but to lifestyle clients as well, which are the majority of her clients today who are looking to be their best daily.

Shaunna’s training is the typical bodybuilder split with three upper body days and three lower body days. She uses high volume repetitions and has always used a progressive overloading method to her training. Her favorite body parts to train are legs and glutes. And she has a lot of clients that sign up with her just to target those two areas.

Shaunna has been using Evogen supplements since the start of her fitness journey in 2013. When asked about Evogen supplements Shaunna noted, “The difference is in the quality of the supplements and how you can tell an immediate difference in performance from being able to achieve a specific lean look while maintaining muscle fullness.”

"We’re very excited to have Shaunna join the team of our Evogen Elite Coaches. Evogen is a mainstay with the best coaches in the world and we want our team of coaches to really speak about their use of Evogen products to all their clients from around the world,” says Evogen Founder/CEO, Hany Rambod.

Shaunna’s personal goals moving forward are to create an active wear line for women to help look and feel their best as they continue to train with her guidance while using the best supplements in the industry through Shaunna’s partnership with Evogen.

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