Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part III

Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part III

Part III // Evogen Founder/CEO Hany Rambod talks about why Evogen is a leader in innovation. The 20X Olympia winning coach creates a solution to a known problem and being a coach has helped him create a versatile solution to help athletes achieve their goals. FST-7 training was created to increase blood flow to trigger a mechanism for growth. Evogen products were created to blood flow to maximize the training to create more of the fascia stretching pump and deliver more nutrients to the muscle while you're doing high volume training. That's why FST-7 and Evogen were designed to work together. Hany's FST-7 protocols thrive on pushing nutrients into the muscle. That said, Rambod designed a full line to products to support his #Get3D™ mantra. Look for more innovative products to help you achieve your best physique ever.


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