Evogen 6mm Leather Lifting Belt

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Evogen 6mm Leather Lifting Belt is made from genuine leather and measures 4" in width and 6mm in thickness,* with four length options to choose from. All sizes of the belt include XX precision-spaced holes and a double prong buckle design for easy custom tightening and optimal comfort and support.

XS:  24 in33 in / 61 cm–84 cm 
SM: 25 in36 in  / 63.5 cm–91.5 cm
MD: 29 in38 in  / 73.5 cm–96.5 cm
L:  33 in–42 in  / 84 cm–106.7 cm
XL: 36 in45 in  / 91.5 cm–114.3 cm