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Team Evogen Elite Success Story: Danny Valenzuela 684

Team Evogen Elite Success Story: Danny Valenzuela 684

In March 2019, WESTCA gym in San Jose hosted the first ever Evogen Takeover. 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod took the opportunity to train and demonstrate his FST-7 training techniques with everyone in attendance. In the Q&A session, Danny Valenzuela raised his hand to ask a question about weight loss. He then shared his story with Hany, noting he had lost over 160 lbs.


On July 2, 2017 Danny Valenzuela made a commitment to do a form of cardio everyday in July which transformed to at least cardio every day for what is now 684 days and still on going.

Rambod immediately recognized the difficulty in the 29 year old Valenzuela's long journey and asked him to share his story.

Follow Danny Valenzuela behind the scenes as Evogen sat down with the young man and discovered most of his success had come by trial and error as well as implementing Evogen Nutrition products Lipocide IR and Carnigen into his program. He now calls WESTCA home and you’ll find him there seven days a week.

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