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Team Evogen Elite Welcomes Jiu Jitsu Champion Nicky “The Black Belt Slayer” Rodriguez

Team Evogen Elite Welcomes Jiu Jitsu Champion Nicky “The Black Belt Slayer” Rodriguez

BJJ Phenom Nicky Rod Signs Deal to Have Evogen Nutrition in His Corner 

Evogen Nutrition, a leader in sports nutrition and supplementation, has signed BJJ grappler and athlete Nicky Rod as part of Team Evogen.


CAMPBELL, CA — November 18, 2022

Evogen Nutrition is known for signing some of the biggest names in sports and most recently grappled with the idea of signing BJJ superstar Nicky Rod (Nick Rodriquez), also known as “The Black Belt Slayer,” where his record is currently 37-7-2 in competition. 

“Nicky is an amazing athlete, a warrior, and an assassin on the mat. He checks all the boxes we’re looking for in an athlete. Nicky has that Evogen mentality where not only does he pick apart his opponents and make them submit, but he takes that same approach and mentality with him into the gym and trains like an absolute beast,” says Evogen Nutrition owner Hany Rambod. “And that’s why I’m so excited to have Nicky be a part of Team Evogen.” 

No stranger to the mat, Nicky started wrestling at the age of 12, leading him to Ferrum College, where he went 34-7. While his grappling is world-class, following college, Nicky’s good looks budded a career in modeling. But don’t let the good looks fool you, it wasn’t long until Nicky fell in love with a new sport — Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Nicky’s career started in 2018 by placing 1st in two divisions at Grappling Industries: Wildwood and 1st in IBJJF Nogi World Championships. In 2019, he kept the pace going by placing 1st at the High Rollerz Open: Pittsburgh, 1st at the ADCC North American Trials, 2nd at Who’s Number 1, and 2nd at the ADCC World Championship. After placing 3rd at the KASAI Pro 7 in 2020, the pandemic shut down much of the competitions that were left for the year. Currently, Nicky is training and getting ready for his next opponent.

"Evogen really benefits my life. It's hard to eat my body weight in protein every day. At 240 lbs. its hard to eat 300 grams of protein every day while training 3 times per day there is just not that much time. Evogen provides me with the perfect supplements and they suit my lifestyle. One of my favorite supplements is IsoJect. I like to sip on it post-workout and honestly because I am working out 3 times per day it doesn't give me that heavy settling feeling so I can take IsoJect and get to working out right away again. I like to use Amino K.E.M. during my workout to help with recovery." said Nicky.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this BJJ champion at future Evogen events! Interested in joining Team Evogen Elite? Apply for the Elite Athlete Program at


About Evogen: Evogen Nutrition, headquartered in Campbell, California, is a rapidly expanding, healthy lifestyle sports nutrition company that designs and creates a cutting-edge line of nutritional supplements. Founded and led by world-class trainer and coach Hany Rambod, Evogen’s elite products address all categories of an active lifestyle, including physique transformation, weight loss, and general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. Evogen Nutrition is sold in over 40 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

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