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Power Lifting Leg Day with Evogen Elite Athlete Hannah Calkins

Power Lifting Leg Day with Evogen Elite Athlete Hannah Calkins

For some reason people think that bodybuilding and powerlifting can't co-exist. That's false. In fact, many of the top bodybuilders were powerlifters prior to getting into bodybuilding. It was the heavy lifting that helped them pack on the muscle they needed to step on stage and demand attention. And when it comes to the female side of things, Hannah Calkins knows a thing about this subject.

If you want to build your legs, you can hit a power lifting leg day and force your legs to grow. But we want to warn you, this workout that Hannah Calkins is about to show you is not for those who are afraid to destroy their legs in the gym. In fact, you may be crawling out of the gym.

We have a power lifting leg day that you can incorporate into your workouts!

Young up & coming Evogen Elite athlete Hannah Calkins shares her hybrid powerlifting leg day workout. Follow behind the scenes as she shares her tips when performing these exercises. Load up on some Glycoject and Amino KEM to survive this workout.

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  • EVP 3D Sour Candy, 2 scoops


  • Glycoject, 1 scoop
  • Amino KEM, 1 scoop




  • 30% 1RM - 8 reps
  • 60% 1RM - 3 reps
  • 70% 1RM - 1 rep
  • 80% 1RM - 1 rep
  • 90+% 1RM - 1 rep
  • 70% 1RM - 3 reps 2 sets 

Machine Leg press

  • 8-15 reps 5 sets
  • 2 warm up 
  • 3 working  

Machine Hip thrusts

  • 12-15 reps 4 sets 

Machine Leg extensions 

  • 12-15 reps 4 sets

Walking Lunges 

  • 20-30 Steps 2 sets  



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