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5 Tips to Improve your Squat with Evogen Elite Josh Harrell

5 Tips to Improve your Squat with Evogen Elite Josh Harrell

Looking for 5 tips to improve your squat? Team Evogen Elite athlete Josh Harrell gives us his inside scoop on what that looks like for him. Why is it important to know these standard tips for squatting? Well, squats help to strengthen so many different parts of your body, which can in turn be carried through any walk of life, whether you’re an athlete or not! When done correctly, squats can strengthen your core, build better balance, and help you to form better posture.

Tip 1: Dynamic Stretching; a stretch used to improve mobility through your range of motion. The best dynamic stretches are -Frog Squats; Dig your elbows into your inner thighs and stretch through the hips up and down. -Walking lunge to a Thoracic Twist; Keep space between your feet, lunge down, and twist your torso side-to-side

Tip 2: Feet Placement; Keep your feet just outside of your shoulder width distance, and your feet facing forward. Keep 3 points of contact (Big toe, Pinky Toe, Heel) The reason being is so that you maintain stability and don’t rock back and forth when squatting.

Tip 3: Use Machines; For a beginner, the Smith machine will help you to focus directly on your leg muscles by reducing the need to hyper-fixate on your form and doing everything else right. It’s a great way to build proper form and posture.

Tip 4: Proper Breakdown of the Squat

  1. Break at the hips
  2. Slight bend of the knees
  3. Drop below the knees
  4. Keep the core tight
  5. Squeeze the glutes
  6. Come up

Tip 5: Additional stretching and recovery post-training

Make sure you stretch after your workout, and to give your body the proper supplements and recovery it needs. Joshua takes Evogen Aminoject which helps to decrease muscle fatigue, help you build your muscle, and help you avoid muscle soreness.


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