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Special Edition Pink Rosé to Celebrate 15 Years of Excellence at The 2023 Arnold Sports Festival

Special Edition Pink Rosé to Celebrate 15 Years of Excellence at The 2023 Arnold Sports Festival

Evogen Nutrition was built off of one product and the need for a higher quality pre-workout that solved the issues that Hany’s athletes were facing — Evogen Nutrition stimulant-free EVP. It doesn’t seem all that long ago, but 15 years later… HERE WE ARE — with more than 100 products being sold in over 75 countries worldwide. And honestly, it’s because of you. We couldn’t have hit this milestone without your unwavering support. 

A simple thank you wouldn’t be enough as we ring in our 15th anniversary. Therefore, we’re getting the party started and want to bring you along for the celebration. So, let’s pop the bottles and make this milestone one to remember!


Get Your Bottle and Let’s Pop the Rosé!

And when we say, “get your bottle and let’s pop the Rosé,” we’re talking about snatching your shaker bottle and popping the lid on our new line of special edition Pink Rosé flavors to commemorate and celebrate our 15th anniversary.

Best of all, we aren’t going to card you to ensure you’re 21.

We wanted to celebrate in style, and it’s only fitting to do so with a Pink Rosé flavored supplement. Now, you have the opportunity to celebrate, too, with our special edition Pink Rosé flavor in our highly popular EVP Xtreme N.O. EVP-3D, and Amino K.E.M. 

We have your pre-workout and recovery needs covered with our new flavor launch!

Evogen’s Pink Rosé family of products features high-quality ingredients that synergistically work together to help boost energy levels, heighten mental focus, enhance nutrient delivery to the muscles, increase muscle volume, and delay fatigue. With these unparalleled products, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike can take their training to the next level and achieve peak performance.

What a ride we’ve been on together the last few months, having kicked things off with Hany Rambod securing his 21st and 22nd Olympia titles with his FST7 athletes. Then to follow things up a couple of months later with our 15th anniversary, there’s so much to be thankful and grateful for. And again, none of this could be possible without your unwavering support for Hany, Evogen Nutrition, and the world-renowned FST7 training system.

Pink Rosé To Launch at The 2023 Arnold Sports Festival

Pink Rose’ will be available at the Evogen booth 921 at the Arnold Sports Festival. Stop by the booth to meet 22X Olympia Winning Coach Hany Rambod and Team Evogen Elite athletes Derek Lunsford, runner-up at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Cydney Gillon, 6-time Ms. Figure Olympia Champion, and Lauren Findley, NPC Figure Champion. Take photos with the team and take home your favorite Evogen products and swag.

“Evogen’s remarkable success spanning over the last 15 years is a testament to our unwavering dedication in sourcing the finest and highest-quality ingredients, formulating highly-effective supplements to solve consumer wants and needs, and crafting tantalizing flavors that consumers enjoy, such as our latest creation, the 15th Anniversary Pink Rosé,” said Hany Rambod, the Founder and CEO of Evogen.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this delectable new flavor in our EVP Xtreme N.O., EVP-3D and Amino K.E.M. products. We’re confident that athletes of all levels will savor their exquisite taste and the incredible results they can deliver.”

Our new Pink Rosé flavors are a mouthwatering blend of fruity flavors that will send your tastebuds on a wild rollercoaster ride and leave you wanting more.

Don’t miss out!

Go ahead and grab yourself some of our limited-edition Pink Rosé flavors in EVP XTREME N.O.EVP-3D, and AMINO K.E.M. and let’s get this party started.

Cheers to the next 15 years!

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