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How to Improve Your Results in Social Media Algorithms

How to Improve Your Results in Social Media Algorithms

Billions of people around the globe are on social media platforms. In fact, Statista found that in 2022, nearly five billion people worldwide were using social media. To paint a better picture for you, each time you post on social media, you’re competing with five billion other people to get picked up in social media algorithms to get your content in front of eyeballs. It’s competitive!

Here’s something we hear all the time — “I’m shadow-banned,” “Social media algorithms don’t like my account,” or this is a good one, too, “Social media algorithms only work for those who are willing to pay for ads on the platform.” While it’s easy to complain about your lack of success on social media, the fact of the matter is you’re playing in a free sandbox. Where else can you market yourself, your content, your business, or your products online for free? 

Rather than complaining that the social media algorithms don’t like you, figure out what you’re doing wrong, what others are doing right, how to play nicely in the sandbox, and get more views on your content. This goes for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and all the others as well.

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In this article, we’re going to help you get better exposure and learn what the social media algorithms like to see so that you can get in front of more people. We know you’re putting out good content, it just needs to get picked up and shown to more eyeballs. So, let’s jump into some of the tips and strategies you can start implementing to improve your results on social media.


Tips & Strategies to Get Picked Up in Social Media Algorithms 

Try the tips and strategies below to get your content and posts in front of more people on social media. Social media algorithms don’t hate you, it’s just others are playing the game better than you. With the tips and strategies below, you can get in there and play ball.


1. Quality Content

If you’re putting out fluff content that really has no value, there’s a reason social media algorithms aren’t picking up your stuff. You want to create high-quality content that will provide the viewer value, and that is relevant to your audience.

Ensure your content is high-resolution, too. While you may be an amateur, that doesn’t mean you can’t have high-quality, high-resolution images and videos on your social channels.

You’ll also want to write compelling and concise captions to accompany whatever content you publish.


2. Consistency 

You can look at consistency through the same lens you do your workouts and nutrition. Consistency is what drives results. If you want to get picked up in the social media algorithms, you need to post regularly and consistently to keep your audience engaged. 

If you must, use a scheduling tool to plan and automate your posts if you must. But the last thing you want to do is post today and then not post again for another couple of weeks. Not only should you be posting daily, but several times a day.


3. Understand the Algorithm 

Each of the social media algorithms is somewhat different, yet all have pretty much the same things they look for. The best thing you can do is do your research on whatever social media platforms you’re using and study the algorithm. You need to stay on top of how the algorithm works as they change from time to time, and if you don’t adapt, you’ll be left behind. 

You may need to adjust your images, videos, or captions to help target audiences of each social media platform. What works for Instagram probably won’t work on LinkedIn and vice versa.


4. Engage with Your Audience 

One of my biggest pain points is when I engage with a brand or individual (or anyone engages with them) and the brand or person never replies. That’s like the kiss of death for your social media account, and if you get a bunch of people commenting and you don’t engage back, that’s not what the social media algorithms want to see.


Make it a priority to respond to comments and messages promptly. After all, you want to build your social platforms, right? Encourage discussions and ask questions in your posts. Show appreciation for your followers’ engagement.


5. Be Authentic

As they say, “real recognize real.” If you’re real and authentic with your post, you’ll have a great chance of your audience sticking around and engaging with you. This is what the social media algorithms want to see. If you’re fake in your posts, people are going to pick up on it, and it’ll turn them away quicker than a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign posted at a nude beach.

Be authentic and true to your personal or brand voice and values. Authenticity helps build trust with your audience.


6. Collaborate with Others & Cross-Promote

More and more people are catching on to this trend, and it’s a good one. Find people you want to collaborate with or potentially cross-promote and reach out to them. Ask if they are willing to work together to help build awareness for both of your audiences. 

By collaborating with others and cross-promoting, you can introduce your content to new audiences and expand your reach.


7. Use the Right Hashtags 

It should be a given, but if you aren’t using hashtags with your posts, it’ll be difficult for the social media algorithms to pick you up and get you out in front of a bunch of eyeballs. Now, I’m not saying you should be spammy and max out on the number of hashtags you can put in a post, you want to avoid using too many or irrelevant hashtags.

You need to do some research on each platform to get a better understanding of what hashtags are working with influencers and brands in your niche and only use relevant hashtags to expand your reach.


8. Leverage Stories, Reels, & Live Video 

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the social media algorithms, they absolutely love stories, reels, and videos. While you don’t need to specifically focus all your efforts on these, they should absolutely be a part of your posting strategy. 

Instagram stories, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, and similar features do well to engage your audience. Live videos also offer another way to engage with your audience in real time and often receive more visibility and engagement than other types of content and posts.


9. Analyze Insights 

Something I say all the time is, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” If you want to complain that the social media algorithms aren’t helping you any, have you analyzed your insights to get some sort of data?

You should regularly review the analytics provided by the social media platforms you use to understand what types of content perform best. From there, you can take that data and adjust your strategy based on the insights you gather.


10. Optimize Post Timing 

Randomly posting is not going to help you on any platform. In fact, posting at a completely random time may not even get you picked up by the social media algorithms. You need to post when your target audience is most active. How do you find that out? Look at the insights that we just mentioned above.

Experiment with posting at different times to find the optimal schedule and continually look at your analytics and insights to stay on top of any shift in when your audience is active on the platform(s).


11. Encourage Shares

Something that is constantly hammered home in sales training is that if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Create shareable and valuable content that people will want to share with others.

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to share the post with their friends and family if they find it helpful.


12.  Avoid Clickbait 

You hate it as much as we all do. Enough with the clickbait. Avoid clickbait at all costs. Sure, it may work the first few times you do it, but after a while, your audience is going to resent you and your content for always deceiving them with clickbait titles or posts that don’t deliver on what is expected.

Clickbait will absolutely screw up your ability to do well in social media algorithms if you are constantly misleading with your headlines or thumbnails. In fact, social media algorithms could even penalize such content.


13. Stay Informed & Adapt

Just like technology and business, things are always changing and evolving. You need to keep up-to-date and informed on the various changes to the social media algorithms. 

If you can stay on top of things, you can quickly adapt to changes and modify your social media strategies accordingly.


Don’t Get Discouraged

It’s important to remember that social media success often takes time and patience. You’re not going to hit one million followers on a given social media platform overnight — it doesn’t work that way.

Building an engaged and loyal audience is a gradual process, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results or think the social media algorithms are working against you. Keep refining your approach and experimenting with different strategies to find what works best for your unique brand or profile.

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