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Break Through Plateaus with the FST7 Progressive Overload Plan

Break Through Plateaus with the FST7 Progressive Overload Plan

Hany Rambod’s revolutionary FST-7 training app now leverages the power of progressive overload to help bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts pack on lean muscle mass. This new FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan incorporates the same principles he uses with his professional athletes to help them not only blast through plateaus in their training but also create Olympia-winning physiques. 

In this article, we will dive deeper and explain how progressive overload works and how Rambod strategically applies it in his FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan found in his training app to drive muscle growth, bust through plateaus, and experience noticeable increases in strength. 

Disclaimer: It is recommended that you speak with your doctor before starting any exercise program to ensure you are healthy enough to do so and without any limitations.


What is Progressive Overload? 

Progressive overload is a core training principle centered around gradually increasing the stress placed on muscles over time. This additional stress forces the muscles to adapt and become bigger and stronger.

There are several ways to progressively overload muscles:

  • Lifting heavier weights
  • Doing more reps per set
  • Reducing rest between sets
  • Increasing volume by adding more sets

The key is to consistently challenge your muscles in new ways so they cannot adapt. You want to hit the muscle fibers with something they’ve never experienced to help them break down and be repaired and rebuilt to come back bigger and stronger.

This constant challenge when going through the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan helps spark continued growth and provides you with a roadmap of how you can constantly push yourself harder in your training each time you step into the gym.


Why is the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan Key for Building Muscle? 

Utilizing progressive overload is essential for muscle growth because the body quickly adapts to any training stimulus. Do you feel that you’ve stopped seeing any sort of progress from your efforts in the gym? If so, it may be because not only do you not have a plan each time you drive to the gym, but you’re also just going through the motions rather than pushing yourself harder than last time. 

If you lift the same weights, do the same reps, and take the same rest periods every training session, your muscles will no longer be challenged. Growth will stagnate, and frustration will be the only thing you’re building. Don’t allow that to happen.

By progressively overloading the muscles through the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan that Hany strategically put together, you force your muscle fibers to adapt to new levels of stress and stimuli. This adaptation is what drives hypertrophy (muscle growth) — which is what you’re after. You are essentially creating a constant demand for the muscles to get bigger and stronger. 

The FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan also provides variation, which fights against plateaus. Varying stressors prevent accommodation, keeping the muscles responding optimally.


How Hany Rambod Incorporates Progressive Overload in the FST-7 Training App 

Hany Rambod’s breakthrough FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan inside his FST-7 training app expertly employs this training principle to stimulate maximum muscle growth.

For those who are new to the term “FST-7,” it stands for Fascia Stretch Training, and the 7 refers to the number of sets performed as the final exercise to specifically target a body part.

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The program is centered around high-volume training to flush the fascia with blood and stretch it to allow for extreme muscle growth. Rambod overloads the fascia by optimizing exercise order, limiting rest, and maximizing metabolic stress.


Strategic Exercise Order 

The FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan utilizes a very intentional exercise order to maintain tension and fatigue. 

Larger muscle groups utilize two main exercises per body part (per workout) that the progressive overload principle will be applied to as you move through the 8-week program. You then have additional exercises for each muscle group that will change each week to keep the program fresh and exciting while still allowing you to build muscle and strength.

Smaller muscle groups will have one exercise per body part (per workout) that will be used throughout the 8-week FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan, along with other exercises to accompany the muscle group you’re hitting that day.

As with every program in the FST-7 training app, the FST-7 training protocol is a focal point that ends each workout along with flex sets to help push as much blood into the muscle as possible.


Shortened Rest Periods

While rest periods for typical sets will be anywhere from 90-120 seconds, the rest periods between FST-7 sets are shortened to increase fatigue and metabolic stress. Following FST-7 sets, you move directly into Flex Sets that Hany utilizes with his athletes to help accumulate maximum fatigue and muscle failure to force adaptive growth.


Start Utilizing the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan TODAY!

For those of you who are already members of the FST-7 training app, the wait is over, and our new FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan is already entered and available for you to use. Simply click on your profile at the top right corner of your screen and then tap on “Change Program.” Inside the list of programs that open will be the new program called “Progressive Overload.” All you have to do is click on it, and you’re ready to get started!

Are you not yet a part of our FST-7 training app? You should be! Our programs are specifically designed to help get you the results you desire. Everything from various bulking and cutting programs to the all-new FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan. We are so excited to launch this new program in the training app that if you’re not already a member, we want to give you a FREE TRIAL to experience it for yourself.

In order to take part in our free trial offer, all you need to do is click here.*


*Your 14-day free trial will begin today! Your membership will automatically roll over to a recurring subscription unless canceled before the trial period ends. If you already had a free trial, you will be charged immediately. All prices are in USD. Your subscription will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period. You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time.

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