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FST-70 Tip of The Week Walking Lunges with Hany Rambod

FST-70 Tip of The Week Walking Lunges with Hany Rambod

FST-70 Tip of The Week Powered by Evogen Nutrition. In this weekend series, you'll learn valuable training, nutrition and supplementation tips in 70 seconds or less from 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod or one of the Team Evogen Elite athletes. 

This week's tip is...

Walking Lunges from Hany Rambod with IFBB Wellness Pro Dr. Sunny Andrews. Follow The Pro Creator as he walks Sunny through the proper form and technique with three specific tips to maximize the exercise squeezing on the glutes. 

Building amazing legs and glutes doesn't happen overnight (if only it were that easy). To add the size needed for impressive legs and glutes, you need to be willing to dig deep, and that's exactly what Sunny Andrews does in this video. Watch Sunny hit some walking lunges under the watchful eye of Hany Rambod.

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Check out this video and don't forget to implement these walking lunges into your next leg workout to help put on the quality size you desire to turn heads when you walk by and set yourself apart from others if you are looking to jump on a competitive stage.

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