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FST-7 Tip Using Amino Acids For Muscle Growth and Recovery

FST-7 Tip Using Amino Acids For Muscle Growth and Recovery

In this week's FST-7 Tip of the Week 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod addresses the best time to use amino acids for muscle growth and recovery.  

Typically, Hany recommends using essential amino acids (EAAs) intra-workout. He also recommends them post-workout, using either traditional EAAs or a protein shake like IsoJect, ultra-pure whey isolate protein, immediately following your workout because it tends to fill you up a bit with a solid meal an hour after. But do you know how to use amino acids for muscle growth and recovery? Hany has the answers in this video.

Why are EAAs important? Learn more about Supplementing with EAAs for Maximum Anabolic Response

Amino K.E.M. elite EAA pump volumizer is The Pro Creator's go to choice for EAAs in between meals and intra-workout. His implements this strategy with his FST-7 clients and recommends them to all bodybuilders, natural and otherwise. 

Don't miss this video where Hany Rambod explains how to use amino acids for muscle growth and recovery.

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