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FST7 Tip Does Sleep Affect Your Gains?

FST7 Tip Does Sleep Affect Your Gains?

FST7 Tip of The Week powered by Evogen Nutrition. This week 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod answers the question does sleep affect your gains?

The Pro Creator breaks down his answer for a competitor and for a non-competitor. Hany likes to have his athletes get 7-8 hours a sleep a night. That's the ideal minimum. If you slip below that, you'll find yourself up at night snacking which means you're taking in additional calories which is counterproductive to your diet. So, not only will you add body fat but lack of sleep affects your gains.

The biggest reason why you want to get good sleep is for recovery.  If you do not get enough sleep, it will affect your recovery which may have an impact on your gains.

For competitors, if you do not get good sleep you will wake up the next day and you will not look good.  If that continues to build by going weeks without good sleep and you're not leaning out, check yourself.  

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