Blueprint Xtreme Stack

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Cell K.E.M.

Cell K.E.M. is the ultimate recovery and nitric oxide amino powerhouse designed to maximize muscle volume and gains. There is nothing else that delivers such a potent array of amino acids in precise ratios to deliver such dramatic effects in rapid time.



EVP Xtreme



IsoJect is the only cold filtered isolate on the market that contains the Ignitor Enzyme System for rapid breakdown of protein polypeptides specifically into BCAA's. This revolutionary breakthrough is why IsoJect gives you rapid recovery support while being ultra easy on the stomach.



AminoJect is the ultimate BCAA & glutamine recovery drink to maximize a streamlined physique. Utilizing only the highest quality plant derived amino acids, AminoJect's purity and quality is unmatched along with its superior taste satisfaction.


Maximum – Pump, Energy, & Recovery

The Blueprint Xtreme Stack is the perfect supplementation for achieving an XTREME physique. This stack was meant to be an introductory supplementation program for anyone beginning to utilize FST-7. In order to maintain an XTREME “3D” appearance, supplementation is critical to your success. This stack will give you all of the essentials for XTREME energy, focus, and recovery.

Cell K.E.M – Meticulously combines key muscle-building agents in precise ratios that have been proven to synergistically trigger anabolism and promote new cell growth by providing the building blocks for cellular reconstruction. Cell K.E.M. delivers the key nutrient building blocks needed to maximize this adaptive, anabolic response to trigger growth and repair after a tough training session.



EVP Xtreme – This ultimate pre-workout solution was designed to help facilitate extreme training to make your muscles POP with incredible volumization and vascularity. EVP Xtreme was precisely formulated to create more energy with less vaso constriction, giving the perfect amount of pump, energy, and training drive. Go longer and stronger in the gym, even through your toughest workouts!



IsoJect – When it comes to fast acting, great tasting, ultra-pure, triple nano-filtered whey isolate protein, IsoJect is #1. Utilizing unparalleled Ignitor Enzyme technology, this protein rapidly breaks down to give your hardworking muscles the critical amino acids they need to recover and grow.




AminoJect – A premium amino acid accelerator packed with not only BCAA’s, but also glutamine and betaine to accelerate recovery with unheard of speed. Every serving of AminoJect ensures proper stimulation of protein synthesis, making it the ultimate recovery drink to maximize a streamlined physique. Utilizing only the highest quality plant derived amino acids, AminoJect’s purity and quality is unmatched along with it’s superior taste satisfaction.