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5 On the Go Meal Prep Tips to Save Time

5 On the Go Meal Prep Tips to Save Time

When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, one area you can’t neglect is your nutrition.  One specific part of nutrition that has been focused on heavily lately is meal prep – and no, it’s not just for competitors.  To put you in the best position to see the progress you demand, I have come up with five on the go meal prep tips that you can utilize to save time and move you closer to your goals.

    1. Clear Tupperware is a must

      Have you ever been in search for something in the refrigerator but you can’t remember the container you put it in?  If you live a busy life, you don’t have time to be pulling out every container and looking inside.  For that reason, you need to invest in some clear Tupperware containers.  They can be plastic or glass (your choice) but they need to be 100% clear.  Take the guesswork out of your on the goal meal prep and know exactly what is in front of you each time you open the refrigerator door.

        2. Cut everything up prior to storing

          Your active lifestyle doesn’t allow you the luxury of downtime.  For that reason, you can’t be fumbling around in the kitchen every morning getting your meals ready for the day.  Therefore, you want to cut up all of your ingredients prior to storing them.  This is one of the best on the go meal prep tips to save time.  For example, if you have chicken and asparagus for one meal, cut everything up prior to storing it in the clear Tupperware container.  This will not only save you time in the morning but also save you from needing to carry a knife around with you just in order to eat your healthy meal on the go. [block id="lipocide-xtreme-600x150"]

            3. Have a cooler you can travel with

              I’m not going to name drop brands here, you can easily do a Google search for meal prep bags and coolers.  Some might not think they are worth the money but, in my opinion, they are worth every penny if you plan on using it every day.  Most come with slots to put each of your meals (they range from 2-7 meals depending on the brand and size of the bag/cooler), a place to put your frozen ice packs, an area for silverware, space for supplements (such as vitamins or whatever else you use), among other useful pockets and compartments.  If you invest in a good bag you can use it for many years.

                4. Prep full meals in advance for grab and go convenience

                  One of the best on the go meal prep tips to save time that I can recommend to you is to prep full meals in each clear Tupperware container.  When you are running late, the last thing you need to worry about is measuring out your ingredients and putting them in individual Tupperware containers.  Do it in advance so you don’t need to worry about it later.  Wake up, grab your cooler/bag, toss in your meals, and out the door you go without a hiccup.

                    5. Spice things up a bit

                      Just because you are constantly consuming pretty much the same foods doesn’t mean they have to be boring.  A meal prep tip that I recommend all the time is to use spices whenever possible and to change them up often.  If you like things spicy, use spices that add some heat to your meals.  If you want to flavor your chicken, add some seasonings to it.  There are many zero-calorie or low-calorie choices available at the grocery store.  The key is to find ones that you enjoy and keep them on hand at all times to provide you with a good mix and variety to choose from to be used on your chicken, fish, steak, vegetables, or whatever else you decide to add flavor to.

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