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Slay Sickness from the Inside Out: Boost Immunity with De111

Slay Sickness from the Inside Out: Boost Immunity with De111

In today’s sports world, athletes are constantly putting an endless amount of stress on their bodies due to intense training sessions. Moderate physical activity on a daily basis can indeed have positive effects on our immune system, but prolonged periods of rigorous exercise and completion may lead to immune deterioration. Athletes tend to become more susceptible to infections due to systemic and mucosal immune suppression.

Bacillus subtilis De111 is a spore-forming and soil-based bacteria, but not the kind you may be thinking. De111 is a “good” bacteria that have health-promoting properties.

According to studies, De111 also has some effective beneficial properties for immunity growth and can:

  • Promote the growth of healthy gastrointestinal flora
  • Reduce total blood cholesterol and blood-low density LDL cholesterol
  • Support and enhances digestive health in adults and children
  • Promote the growth and development of healthy and beneficial gut bacteria

De111 also has the ability to form endospores that protects itself against high temperatures and gastric acid. 

There are numerous studies that have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of De111. According to a study, adults who consumed De111 each day for around four weeks (dose of one billion CFU) could see changes in the peripheral immune cell populations.


Improving Immunity through the Gut: How De111 Can Impact Overall Health

The one thing that is on everyone’s mind right now when asked about overall health is immunity. If someone asks you to point your brain, heart, or a kidney, you can quickly and easily point that out on your body. But if someone asks you to indicate your immune system, you might be a little confused as to where you should be pointing.

Immunity is spread throughout your body and organs, but your gut actually plays the most important role when it comes to the immune system. Prebiotics and probiotics are some of the most popular products that are said to help improve our immune system, and people have been loading up on such supplements across the nation.

Bacillus subtilis De111 promotes healthy digestion in the body’s intestinal tract, and it also produces different enzymes that help with excretion and digestion. It takes care of the host’s microbiota and inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria. All these functions create a perfect environment for the immune system to function properly and help protect your health.

The De111 strain of Bacillus subtilis dually aids healthy digestive function as well as the immune response by helping the good bacteria to multiply and flourish, better avoiding pathogenic or harmful bacteria from settling in and doing the body harm.

De111 is also known to prime the immune system, so whenever a foreign bacteria or pathogen enters our body, it is able to react quicker and stronger to fight back and eliminate them. There seems to be no shortage of studies that support the immune and digestive health benefits of De111, but yet, I’m willing to bet up until this article, you’ve never heard of De111 before.

In one study, it was shown that the spore-former produced favorable microbial balance in the stomach. It supports more effective lower GI digestion and can therefore support overall health.

In another study involving college athletes, it was shown that after consuming De111, along with other post-workout protein supplements for a period of three months, their immune markers were relatively improved, and there was a decrease in the pro-inflammatory substance TNF-α.


Benefits for Athletic Performance and Body Fat Percentage

Studies have shown that consumption of the De111 strain along with post-workout nutrition can enhance body composition as well as boosts athletic performance during off-season exercise with collegiate athletes.

Around 23 collegiate female athletes took part in the double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study. The athletes completed the same 10-week resistance training program during the offseason. The program consisted of around 3-4 exercises per week of lower and upper body training and sport-specific workouts. The athletes took De111 or a placebo supplement while both groups utilized the same post-workout recovery drink after following the sport-specific and resistance training workouts. 

The study found that as compared to the placebo, De111 had made statistically significant improvements when it came to decreasing body fat percentage and an unexpected finding that showed improved performance in the deadlift.


De111 – The Supplement Strain to Boost Your Immune System 

As mentioned earlier, De111 is a clinically tested strain of Bacillus subtilis, which is a probiotic spore that enhances digestive and immune health. The De111 is a genome sequenced strain that is not antibiotic-resistant, is non-toxic, and does not harm genes or plasmids. Human clinical studies have shown the strain’s ability to take care of the microbial population, which aids in digestion and promotes your overall health.

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De111 has the power to form spores that protect the microbes from harmful conditions until they enter an environment that is ideal for germination, such as the GI tract.

Due to its spore-forming ability, De111 stays viable under a wide pH and temperature range, which makes it perfect for use in supplements along with food and beverages. 

Who should be using De111? EVERYONE!


Start Optimizing Your Gut Flora Today! 

Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone who simply lives an active lifestyle, your body is put under a lot of stress. Stress can weaken the immune system and cause harmful bacteria and pathogens to enter and do harm. You need to stay on top of your health and immunity and not only worry about it once you start feeling sick – at that point, it’s too late.

The time is now, and with everyone looking to guard their health and prevent illnesses from sneaking in, you should be doubling down on preserving and boosting your immune system.

Hany Rambod has formulated many products, but his latest creation is something that should be on your radar. In fact, it’s something you truly need.

Evogen Nutrition is yet again changing the industry with their newest product called Probiotic DR 30. This probiotic supplement contains 30 billion CFU and utilizes a delayed-release capsule.

Probiotic DR 30 is a gut flora optimizer that helps maximize immunity, digestion, and overall health. If you want to slay sickness from the inside out and boost your immune system through the power of De111, look no further than Probiotic DR 30!


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