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Shroomin’ & Bloomin’: 3 Ways Lions Mane Improves Brain Energy

Shroomin’ & Bloomin’: 3 Ways Lions Mane Improves Brain Energy

Were you ever faced with situations where you stared at the blank screen of your laptop or desktop, trying to brainstorm new ideas for something? Unfortunately, at that moment, your brain refused to work or function optimally, and you faced a roadblock in your creative thinking. You got enough sleep, ate a healthy meal, and there isn’t anything that is around to disrupt your brain’s creative powers. But still, nothing seems to be happening up there. Your brain energy has simply disappeared. So, what is the solution?

The solution may lie in a medicinal and edible mushroom, known as lions mane. This type of mushroom is also known as yamabushitake or hou to gu, which looks white, is large and fuzzy, has long strands that hang from it, and resembles, well… as the name would imply, a lions mane. 

Long used in Chinese traditional medicines, lions mane is widely available in various forms of supplements – from pills to powders and even edibles. Scientific studies have shown that lions mane contains multiple health-promoting properties, such as antioxidants and beta-glucans.

Many cultures use lions mane for culinary as well as medicinal purposes. Health food stores sell this extract in the form of supplements as well as in its natural state. 

Here, we are going to discuss some potential benefits of lions mane to help improve brain energy.


3 Ways Lions Mane Can Help Boost Brain Energy 

1. Lions Mane Can Improve Brain Energy

Lions mane is one of the most popular supplements known for its brain and cognitive-boosting powers. Unlike plants that manufacture their food energy directly from the sun, mushrooms do not have chlorophyll, so they grow faster at night (which is also why if you’ve ever been to a mushroom farm, the mushrooms are kept in dark mushroom houses). They are also said to gain their caloric needs from lunar energy, which nourishes the brain with imaginative and intuitive powers.

Here’s a fun fact: Out of all the species of fungi that have been discovered in the world (around 120,000+ to date), lions mane is the only reported fungi that is proven to be beneficial for brain health and brain energy. 

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Lions mane can provide you with “the nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” It is made of high amounts of antioxidants, beta-glucans, and various other unique polysaccharides that help improve and support your immunity system. It is rich in amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, and polypeptides.

A Japanese research study in 2009 tested a lions mane supplement on men and women aged between 50-80 years old over the course of 16 weeks. As compared to the group who did not take the mushroom, the one that took a daily dose of lions mane had higher scores on various cognitive function tests.


2. Lions Mane May Help Prevent Various Cognitive Issues 

In today’s age, mental health issues have become quite prevalent. 9.7% of youth in the United States have severe depressive disorders compared to 9.2% last year. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, the prevalence of mental health disorders among adults was increasing. While there are plenty of reasons behind anxiety and depression, chronic inflammation could be one of the most contributing factors.

As medical professionals keep trying to find ways to bring the numbers down, lions mane can be an effective solution to preventing mental and cognitive issues from arising.

However, it should be noted that supplements such as lions mane are not meant to be used in place of or supersede a doctor’s recommendation for a prescription drug – nor used to treat or cure any mental health condition. You should always consult with your doctor before using any supplement to ensure they will not interfere with any medications you may currently be using.

In a 2015 study, mice that consumed lions mane fungi extract showed decreasing depressive patterns and had blood markers that revealed lower depression. The research shows that this is because of the extract’s anti-inflammatory effects.

In a Japanese study, women with various health issues, such as menopausal symptoms and improper sleep quality, consumed cookies that contained lions mane mushroom extract for a total of four weeks. Some other participants who were in the control group were given placebo cookies for the same four-week period. The research showed that participants who had the lions mane extract showed lower levels of irritation and anxiety than those who had the placebo cookies.

Although human research on this is pretty low, there are some animal studies that are quite promising. Indeed, more human research needs to be done for a better understanding of the correlation.


3. Lions Mane Can Stimulate Growth and Repair of Nerve Cells in Your Body

Your brain, spinal cord, and other nerves that are present throughout your body make up your nervous system. They work together to send and transmit signals that control your bodily functions. 

An injury to the brain or spinal cord can be deadly. It can lead to paralysis or loss of mental functions and can take an entire lifetime to heal.

Here is where the lions mane can work its magic again. There are some studies that have found the importance of lions mane mushroom extract when it comes to injuries to the brain or spinal cord. They can stimulate the growth and repair of nerve cells.

Lions mane has been shown to decrease recovery time by 23-41% when given to rats with nervous system injuries.

While there are many studies that are extremely promising, there are fewer studies on humans to determine the importance of lions mane effect on nervous system injuries.


Maximize Brain Energy Through Specific Supplements

When it comes to improving brain energy and enhancing your overall mental performance, there are specific supplements that can help you achieve extraordinary results. 

Evogen Nutrition is always looking to source the best ingredients and push innovation in everything they do. When Hany Rambod found a high-quality lions mane supplier, he knew it was an ingredient that had to go in some of the Evogen formulations. 

If you’re looking to boost your mental focus and really dial in a solid mind-muscle connection during workouts with a pre-workout that includes lions mane, Evogen Nutrition EVP is the ticket you want punched. Even better, you have choices with various EVP pre-workouts. If you’re a fan of stimulants, grab yourself some EVP Extreme N.O. Not a fan of stimulants? No worries. EVP-3D is a potent yet stim-free pre-workout. Both of these pre-workouts contain a nitric oxide matrix of ingredients, a muscle hydration matrix, and a mental focus matrix. 

Are you looking for something that you can either used as a pre-workout or any time of day where you need to heighten mental acuity and cognition? Then pick up a bottle of Evogen Nutrition Brain Builder that contains not only lions mane in a neuro stimulation matrix, but you also get highly effective ingredients in a mind-muscle connection matrix, as well as a neuro focus matrix. 

Amplify your brain energy and performance through the advanced formulas found in Evogen Nutrition products, and you’ll ask yourself how you ever went a day without utilizing these revolutionary supplements. Unlock mental performance you never knew was possible until now!

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