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Train with The Pro Creator: Lauren Findley Supersets FST-7 Back and Biceps

Train with The Pro Creator: Lauren Findley Supersets FST-7 Back and Biceps

Team Evogen Elite NPC Figure Champ Lauren Findley is getting back on stage in 2020. After taking three years off, Findley has been working on her physique with 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod. The last time Lauren took the stage she was the overall and hopes to repeat history. The Pro Creator looks to add quality feminine muscle to Findley's physique and then they will discuss what show she will enter. For Rambod this is not about chasing a pro card, it's about getting Lauren dialed in to be her personal best. Follow The Pro Creator behind the scenes at Metroflex Long Beach as Lauren supersets FST-7 back and biceps to grow into her best 3D physique.

Lauren will have the full support of Evogen Nutrition's full line of products including new EVP-3D non-stim preworkout powered by NO3-T nitrate technology, EVP AQ premium liquid pump volumizer and Amino KEM elite EAA pump volumizer. This is a recipe for success and we're excited to see what Lauren and Hany bring to the stage in 2020.



FST-7 Back and Biceps Supersets

Exercise 1
Close Grip Lat Pull Downs (10-12 Reps)
Super Set
Dumbell Curls (Plams Up) (10-12 Reps)
 3 Sets (Warm up)
 4 Sets (Working)

Exercise 2
Wide Grip Seated Cable Rolls (10-12 Reps)
Super Set
Single Arm Hammer Curls  (10-12 Reps)
4 Working Sets

Exercise 3
Bent over Single Arm Dumbell Rows (10-12 Reps)
Super Set
Cable Rope Curls (10-12 Reps)
4 Working Sets

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