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Stop Resolutions & Reset Your Personal Strategy

Stop Resolutions & Reset Your Personal Strategy

We’re several weeks into a new year, and if you’re like many people out there, you’ve probably already given up on the resolution you announced to the world on social media. The whole “New Year, New Me” was completely thrown out the window already, and things are back to the status quo. Honestly, the best thing for you to do is to stop resolutions altogether. Instead, what you need to do is reset your personal strategy.

One of the biggest reasons that resolutions fail is because people aren’t willing to put in the work, or they fail to strategize accordingly to allow their resolution to truly take form and become a new habit or behavior. If you have no personal strategy and simply just utter the words out of your mouth, they’ll disappear like your breath into thin air.

In this article, we are going to take a deeper dive into the topic and help you stop resolutions each year and instead, reset your personal strategy and put you in a better position to hit your goals (regardless of what month it is).


1. Waiting is never the answer and is more of an excuse than anything 

If you want to reset your personal strategy, you need to stop pushing things off. Everyone is quick to come up with resolutions, but there is no urgency. Everyone seems to have the mentality that they’ll “start Monday.” But why? 

Your goals will never be achieved by waiting and finding an excuse to start another day. The mentality of waiting to do something shows you lack passion and interest in something. These are the same people who will call people back the next day rather than picking up the phone and handling it immediately.

Reset your personal strategy and thinking to a NOW mentality. If you think about doing or starting something, do it NOW. Don’t allow excuses you push things off — they’ll never get done that way.


2. Don’t think of it as a hobby, it needs to be a lifestyle change 

The most common resolution you see each year is weight loss. While it’s an admirable resolution, many fall off by the end of January. Does this sound like you? If so, you need to reset your personal strategy. 

Living a healthier lifestyle and getting in better physical shape (or any goal you have) shouldn’t accommodate your life as if it were a hobby or something that takes place by happenstance. In the case of weight loss, you need to change your habits and lifestyle. It’s not a matter of being a second thought. What you do throughout the day needs to align with your goals.

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With weight loss, that means cleaning up your nutrition and moving more. It’s honestly not any easier or more difficult than that. But sure, better said than done, right? Well, if you reset your personal strategy by removing unhealthy food items from your nutrition and exercising for a minimum of 150 minutes each week, you’d be on your way to achieving your goal. But you need to take the necessary steps and not just talk about it. 

Shift your mindset and stop resolutions. Start with behavioral changes.


3. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done

A common pitfall many find themselves in is a lack of results. Why is that? It’s quite simple when you look deeper into it. For most, they aren’t tracking their results and progress. If you want to reset your personal strategy, there needs to be accountability. When you set out to hit a goal, you need to track and measure it. This data will tell you if you’re on track or if changes need to be made.

If you aren’t measuring the goal you want to achieve, how do you know you’re heading in the right direction? At that point, it’s simply wishful thinking. You can wish all you want for something to happen, but I’ll tell you that you’ll never get there wishing and not putting in the work. 

To see the best results from your efforts and to stop resolutions, make attainable goals that can be measured and recorded. Do this and track your progress, and you’ll be surprised at home much easier it is to stick with your plan. It all comes down to making changes and your ability to reset your personal strategy.


4. Don’t just talk about it, be about it 

Are you someone who does a lot of talking without any action? You need to reset your personal strategy if this sounds like you. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. We all know those people who talk a good game and say they’re going to do something and then months later haven’t done a single thing to move them closer.

Maybe they’re saying they’re going to make six figures this year. Perhaps they’re saying they’re going to lose 50 pounds. Regardless, another year passes without any type of action. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and simply having the words come out of your mouth isn’t enough to force change.


5. Make time for it, or don’t do it at all 

When something is important and needs to be done, you put it in your calendar, right? Then set actionable goals in your calendar each day to ensure you make the time to work on them. 

Using weight loss as an example, schedule your daily workouts. Having your workout in your calendar blocks off a time slot for you to take action and move closer to your goal. Too many people say they’re going to work out, and then life happens, or they end up working late on a project, and they never take care of what means something to THEM.

If it’s important to you, make time for it, otherwise, it’s just lip service. Again, reset your personal strategy. Without making time for something you want to work on, you have no strategy at all.


6. Hire a coach

The best way to stop resolutions and reset your personal strategy is to hire someone smarter than yourself. This can be a business coach, life coach, fitness coach, or whatever.

Working with a coach not only helps keep you accountable and move you closer to your goals, but they can allow you to more easily navigate your way to success by implementing their strategies.

Some consider hiring a coach as showing weakness or that you “aren’t smart enough.” The fact of the matter is a coach is a great mentor to get you on the necessary path to achieving your goals. Having a coach isn’t a negative.

Seek out information that puts you in a place to win. At Evogen, we want to see you succeed. That’s the whole reason why we have our blog and publish content regularly. Browse the treasure trove of content to help provide you with the information you need to reset your personal strategy and achieve your goals. And as always, you can hit us up on social media if you ever have any questions.

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