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Evogen Nutrition, a globally distributed sport nutrition company, has officially revealed a brand-new Natural Series for their line of elite sports nutrition products. We are incredibly excited to bring you the Evogen Naturals line of product.

The all-new cutting edge, naturally flavored Isoject premium whey protein isolate is the first of many natural products to be released from Evogen. This highly anticipated all-natural Evogen Naturals line extension utilizes cutting edge natural flavoring and sweetener technology, which is a first for hardcore sports nutrition.

Evogen isn’t shifting to be a “natural brand,” but recognizes that many physique athletes are looking for non-artificial sweetener and flavor options. Evogen Naturals is their answer. Evogen has proven to be a forward thinking brand in sports nutrition with their revolutionary rebranded portfolio of high-end sports nutrition products, and this new “green” version highlights their acute market awareness.

This new natural series sets the standard for natural sports nutrition products and blows existing natural flavoring technology out of the water.

"Evogen is a hardcore physique brand, and believe it or not, I’m getting more and more requests for naturally flavored alternatives for my products. After many months of trial and error, my R&D team and I finally got our natural flavoring systems to a new standard I was comfortable enough to release. Isoject Naturals tastes absolutely amazing and I’m extremely proud to give my customers what they’ve wanted for so long at the same price," said Rambod. E

vogen’s entire sports nutrition portfolio transformation is anticipated to finish their shift by the middle of 2017 with the Evogen Naturals series launching extending into 2018. This make-over represents Evogen’s continued dedication to being an elite level global brand, as the new designs have a streamlined and advanced aesthetic while supporting regulatory compliance all over the world.

Over the last 24 months Evogen Nutrition has shifted strategic positioning going from a high-end boutique supplement brand, to an aggressive and rapidly growing force in the global supplement industry.

With the launches of the all new Evogen Naturals Isoject Premium Whey Isolate, Lipocide™ IR – The Worlds Most Innovative Metabolic Accelerating Powder, the delicious Carnigen™ - Elite Energy & Recovery Catalyst and the critically acclaimed AminoJect™ – Elite BCAA Recovery Catalyst, Evogen is positioning themselves for more accelerated growth in all sports nutrition channels globally.Be on the look-out for more natural products very soon, including EVOGREENS.

Evogen was founded on the principles that its customers must never settle for second best. This doesn’t mean their customers must win every show or contest they enter. This doesn’t mean they need to even enter a show or contest. However, this does require that they strive to be their personal best, and never second best to their genetic potential. This philosophy is why Evogen's customers have a vision for their physiques, and walk into the gym every day with intensity and drive. They want to be elite. Evogen Elite.

Evogen’s mission is to guide athletes on this journey. They are here to give them the tools to be their best, and nothing less. This natural series is designed for hardcore gym enthusiasts who wanted the option of natural flavoring without artificial sweeteners.

About Evogen: Evogen Nutrition, headquartered in Campbell, California, is a rapidly expanding, healthy lifestyle sports nutrition company that designs and creates a cutting-edge line of nutritional supplements. Founded and lead by world class trainer and bodybuilding show promoter Hany Rambod, Evogen's elite products address all categories of an active lifestyle including muscle building, weight loss, and general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. The foundation of Evogen's nutritional protocols are based on the world famous FST-7 physique training system invented by Rambod. Evogen Nutrition is sold in over 35 countries worldwide, including, Europa Sports, and Black Nutritino. For more information, please visit

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