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Evogen Elite Signs 5X Figure Olympia Champion Cydney Gillon

Evogen Elite Signs 5X Figure Olympia Champion Cydney Gillon


Hany Rambod Evogen Founder/CEO, is proud to announce the signing of 5X Figure Olympia Champion and 2X Figure International Champion, our long time Evogen Nutrition customer IFBB Pro Cydney Gillon our newest Evogen Elite athlete from Atlanta, Georgia. Cydney’s athletic background ranges from cheerleading, dancing, basketball, but her focus was competing in track while at the age of 14 she started competing in bodybuilding. At the age of of 18 she decided to join the NPC and two shows later she earned her IFBB Pro card at the NPC Nationals in Atlanta where she was pleased to have the home field advantage.

Cydney’s current training split is four days a week where she incorporates three off days which is very new for her to be able to perfect her recovery and diet. She trains legs once, back twice and shoulders once. This is a very specific split for her to be able to simply improve on the body parts she needs to maintain intensity with.

Cydney’s first exposure to Evogen Nutrition products was through Evogen Elite Coach Damian Segovia who brought Lipocide and Carnigen to her attention. Cydney was more than pleasantly surprised as she tried more of the product line only to find out that her gastrointestinal issues she had while using other supplements did not flare up. She continued to taste all the different flavors and products from Evogen. Cydney’s top five products she uses now are Evovite, Probiotic D.R. 30, Evozyme, Aminoject, and Isoject.

Cydney’s main products for her show competition prep are Lipocide and Carnigen which help her hit her goals for the stage. Cydney’s overall goals are to keep her health paramount as she uses the best supplements in the industry with Evogen Nutrition as her official sponsor, winning as much as she can on stage while maintaining her businesses such as her own bodybuilding show in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Evogen Nutrition, headquartered in Southlake, TX is a rapidly expanding, healthy lifestyle sports nutrition company that designs and creates a cutting-edge line of nutritional supplements. Founded and lead by 22x Olympia-winning bodybuilding and physique coach Hany Rambod, Evogen's elite products address all categories of an active lifestyle including muscle building, weight loss, and general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. The foundation of Evogen's nutritional protocols is based on the world famous FST-7 physique training system invented by Rambod. Evogen Nutrition is sold in over 50 countries worldwide, including and

For more information on how to become an athlete please visit the Evogen Elite page here.


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