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Hany Leaks The Latest At LA Fit Expo

Hany Leaks The Latest At LA Fit Expo

22x Olympia winning coach the Pro Creator Hany Rambod talks about maximum gains, Lipocide IR, and something new on the way for the Arnold at the LA Fit Expo!

The combination of maximum strength, maximum size, and a new blueprint showcases the fresh brand identity that Evogen Nutrition is now bringing to market.

In addition, Hany is making it known here at the LA Fit Expo that his FST-7 training protocol is second to none and that it's one of the reasons his athletes are winning. The combination of the right training regimen, a diet that promotes ultimate fat loss, and the watchful eye of Hany Rambod is the secret to success.

You won't want to miss this video from the LA Fit Expo!

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