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FST7 Tip Problems When Bulking Too Long

FST7 Tip Problems When Bulking Too Long


24X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod talks about the importance of finding the line between bulking too long and getting too big in the off-season. If you are chasing the number on the scale you are likely to start adding extra body fat. When you start coming down to get ripped and show ready, you are going to lose valuable muscle in the process

Pro Tip: A mini-cut is a good way to reset because it allows your body to get leaner and the longer you allow body fat to sit on you the harder it is to get off.

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When it comes to getting shredded and dialed in for a competition, there is no one better than Hany Rambod. The Pro Creator always brings in his athletes dry, shredded and 3D. Want to train with Hany? Subscribe to the FST7 Training app.

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