Naughty & Nice: Bad A** Exercises to Keep Your Physique On Fleek

Naughty & Nice: Bad A** Exercises to Keep Your Physique On Fleek

The holiday season is officially upon us! While the holidays are a joyous time of the year to spend with loved ones, they can also make it a LOT more difficult to stay on track with workouts and nutrition. Not to worry, I'm here to help! Just call me Santa's little fitness elf. Here are 3 exercises "Naughty" enough to keep your physique on the "Nice" list all year round!
NAUGHTY Exercise 1: Bulgarian Split Squats Tip #1: Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Tip #2: Keep back upright. Tip #3: Do not let your knee go past your toes & keep weight on your heel. collage_bulgariansplitsquat NICE  Benefits of This Exercise: This is a compound movement used to work the quads, glutes and hamstrings. Great for glute development and, when done slowly, provides an intense burn for an awesome end of the workout finisher!
NAUGHTY Exercise 2: Seated Lateral Raise Tip #1: Begin with dumbbells in hand, arms at sides. Tip #2: Keep elbows slightly bent. Tip #3: Turn hands slightly out as you raise the dumbbells (pouring motion). collage_deatedlateralraises NICE  Benefits of This Exercise: This is an isolation movement great for targeting the delts. When you sit down, you are unable to rely on the rest of your body for help during this exercise, and cannot swing the dumbbells in front of your body. Therefore, you are putting all of the emphasis on the middle delt without other parts of the body compensating.

NAUGHTY Exercise 3: Single Arm Dumbbell Row Tip #1: Place one knee on a flat bench with the dumbbell on the ground Tip #2: Pull the dumbbell straight up your side, squeezing at the top. Tip #3: Keep torso still. collage_singlearmdumbbellrow NICE  Benefits of This Exercise: This is a compound movement working mainly the middle back, as well as the lats, biceps and shoulders. This is a great versatile exercise for targeting multiple muscle groups and getting a wider, thicker back!   Add these 3 "Naughty" exercises to your holiday workout plan and you'll have no problem getting on Santa's "Nice List" this year! Maybe you can even get away with having a Christmas cookie or two!

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