Evogen is excited to welcome IFBB Figure Pro Sandra Grajales to Team Evogen Elite! The beautiful Mexicana from Veracruz works as a personal trainer and fitness model when she’s between competitions. Sandra became an IFBB Pro within her first three years of competing, and most recently took first place at the 2018 Pittsburgh Pro Figure competition.

Sandra started lifting weight at the age of 17 with no immediate interest in competing. However, she was encouraged by a trainer to give it a shot. Once she started winning competitions, a fire was ignited insider.

She has consistently placed in every competition she has entered since 2014, initially winning the 2014 Miss Mexico Classic and the Women’s Championship later that year. Sandra was awarded her Pro Card in 2015 after winning the overall at the NPC North Americans, just three years after she began competing.

Since she first began competing, Sandra has continued to test her own limits and craft her image as a fitness role mode for her fans. Sandra believes “nothing is impossible” if she works hard for it. She strives to bring that message to her followers and fans.

After winning the 2018 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro, Sandra has set her sights on the Miss Figure Olympia title this year. To achieve her goals, Sandra will have the full support of Evogen Nutrition’s elite line of supplements to help her throughout her contest prep for this year’s Ms Figure Olympia competition. Make sure to stay tuned for special updates as Evogen ramps up her training for her next competition.

Q. When did you start working out?

A. I started lifting weights when I was 17 years old.

Q. How did you get interested in competing?

A. I never imagined myself competing! I was interested in lifting when a personal trainer encouraged me to give competing a try. I did and I fell in love with it.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. I do some fitness modeling and full-time bodybuilding. I used to be a personal trainer for some time but decided to really focus on my fitness career.

Q. What are your favorite exercises?

A. Lateral shoulder raises (increasing weight dropping weights and dropping weight and increasing reps) also I love pull ups and the hack squat maquine.

Q. What is your favorite body part?

A. My legs and my back.

Q. What was the first equipment you trained on?

A. The first exercise I ever did was a free squat rack.

Q. When did you realize competing was your passion?

A. When I began competing and started winning city, state, and national competitions in Mexico I realized this was for me. Competing became my passion when I realized I could surpass limits and reach my goals.

Q. What do you do to prepare for a show/competition?

A. I make sure to have enough time in my prep to achieve the best condition possible for an event. I don’t have cheat meals during my prep, and I increase my cardio. I train just as hard and heavy during prep and I do during my off-season.

Q. How do you take advantage of the offseason?

A. My off-season is the most important part for improving myself. I would like to take advantage because I have more energy, more strength and less cardio. For this reason I can train harder and eat more carbs and use all these factors to gain some muscle.

Q. Who is your inspiration in this sport?

A. I love Candice Lewis! When I started to compete she was my inspiration because she has a perfect structure, she looks beautiful in her posing presentation, and I love her tiny waist and unique legs. She has the complete package.

Q. How has competing enhanced your life and how do you/will you use it to improve the life of others?

A. Competing has changed my life in every aspect. It made me become responsible, disciplined, and motivated me to reach my goals. I realized that nothing is impossible if I work hard for it. There are no limits. When you want something so bad nothing is impossible. That is the message I try to send out to my fans and followers. It gives me great satisfaction to be a role model and be living proof that anything is possible.

Q. What advice would you give to others that want to break into competing?

A. My advice for people who want to compete and are starting out in their fitness journey is: never give up. Do your diet and training at 100%. It won’t be easy but it’s worth it!

Q. What advice do you have for others interested in getting involved with a brand like Evogen?

A. Work hard! Give 100% of your work ethic. Fulfill your responsibilities in order to give the best and focus on making the brand grow as well as yourself. The key to working with a brand is team work.

Q. What’s your favorite Evogen product?

A. I love Lipocide Xtreme! I only need 1 capsule to feel intense focus and push my mental drive for hours with clean energy! It also helps control my appetite all day!

Q. Whats your favorite Evogen Prep Stack?

A. In the off-season I take Aminoject, Carnigen & Lipocide IR before my fasted cardio. Also Aminoject pre and intra workout. I take one serving of Isoject pre workout and post workout. Additionally, I usually take one scoop of Evogreens in the afternoon between my meals.




    Whey protein powder, glutamine, creatine, bcaas, carnitine.

  • 6 Meals Per Day

    200 gr of carbs at day

    180 gr of protein

    60 gr of fats

    Lot of vegetables and water 5 liters per day



  • Meal 1


    1 whole egg
    4 egg whites
    Turkey Breast

    ½ cup of Oatmeal

  • Meal 2

    Pre Workout:

    1 scoop of Isoject
    ½ cup of Sweet Potato

  • Meal 3

    Post workout:

    1 1/3 scoop of Isoject
    2 slices of white bread

  • Meal 4

    2 Corn Tortillas
    Chicken Breast (150 grams)
    Spinach and Broccoli

  • Meal 5

    Tilapia (150 grams)
    Peanut (30 grams)
    Vegetables and Spinach

Birthdate: November 6, 1992
Hometown: Veracruz, Mexico
Current Residence: Chihuahua, Mexico
Height: 5’1’’
Weight: 120lbs.
Career Highlights:
• 2018: 1st place in Pittsburgh Pro (Olympia Qualification), 3rd place in IFBB Candice Lewis Upper Mid West, 4th place in St. Louis Pro, 4th place in North Cal Championships
• 2017: 1st place in The GOV Cup, 3rd place in St Louis Pro, 7th place in New York Pro, 9th place in Mr. Olympia
• 2016: 1st place Lenda Murray Classic Pro (Olympia Qualification), 2nd place Tampa Pro, 3rd place in The Governur’s Cup, 3rd place in Miami Muscle Beach, 3rd place San Antonio, 13th place Mr. Olympia
• 2015: Won Pro Card at the Northern American Championships (class and figure overall)