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Evogen Evobucks Loyalty FAQ

What are Evobucks?

Evobucks is a new and exciting Loyalty program from Evogen! Each dollar spent in our store is 1 Evobuck. 500 Evobucks would get you a $5 gift card for your future purchase but once over the thousand Evobuck threshold it doubles giving you more money back to save on your future purchases. A breakdown of the points looks like this.

  • $500 Evobucks= $5 Gift card
  • $1000 Evobucks= $20 Gift card
  • $2000 Evobucks= $40 Gift card
  • $3000 Evobucks= $60 Gift card

Please access the program here. To check your point balances you must sign into the Evobucks reward panel. It is the same login/ email address you use to make purchases on our website.


How can I use/redeem Evobucks?

Evobucks come in giftcard form and can be redeemed up to a full year from initial earning. You can earn Evobucks through other means as well not just with purchases those ways include:

    • Initial Signup – 100 Evobucks
    • Follow Hany Rambod on Instagram- 100 Evobucks
    • Like on Facebook- 100 Evobucks
    • Follow Evogen Nutrition on Instagram- 100 Evobucks
    • Have a Birthday? Huge points boost on your special day - 250 Evobucks


 Can I have all my recent purchases credited with points?

By now everyone who has made a purchase with an account should be accumulating points with every purchase.


How do I know how many points I have?

 In your Evogen Nutrition account you will have visibility to all your points and accruals in real time.


Is there an opportunity for double points?

 As of right now we do not have double points accruals outside of the 1000 Evobucks threshold but could be something we allow in the future during sales or special promotions.


Do Evobucks expire? 

Yes, Evobucks do expire after a full 365 days of receiving your gift card. Do not worry as always Evogen has you covered, and we will notify you before you lose your chance to redeem.


How often can I redeem my Evobucks? 

You can redeem Evobucks as fast as you make purchases the more you spend the more you have a chance to continue to redeem Evobucks.


Is there anything I can't accumulate points on? Like a gift card purchase? 

 Evobucks cannot be accumulated on Giftcards however with so many other ways to accumulate points we made sure everyone can take part in our Loyalty program.


Do I need an account to start accumulating points? 

There is only one ask from us before you begin to accumulate and cash in your rewards. All we ask is that you sign up for a free account and get yourself 100 Evobucks on us. From there every purchase gets you closer and closer to cashing in Evobucks and saving you $$$.


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