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Be Xtreme War 4 Four – Episode 2

    Be Xtreme War 4 Four, Episode 2 FST-7 Shoulders – 2017 Is The Year of More Xtreme. Team Evogen catches up with reigning defending 3X Olympia Physique Champ Jeremy Buendia 3 weeks out to train FST-7 shoulders. Are you ready to #BeXtreme? Then chug some EVP Xtreme and follow along with Jeremy’s workout […]

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5 Workouts for Building a Victory-Worthy V-Taper

A bodybuilder’s physique has traditionally been described as an X, complete with wide shoulders, a small waist, and big legs. The term V-taper has evolved to describe men’s physique, a look focused on upper-body training. However, fine-tuned full-body training is required to build the complete V-taper physique. Follow these five targeted FST-7 workouts to achieve […]

FST-70, Hany Rambod, Jeremy Buendia, Video

FST-7 Shoulders & Triceps Featured On

Your upper body will never look the same after Hany Rambod’s and Jeremy Buendia’s FST-7 shoulders-and-triceps workout! Prepare for an epic pump and extreme growth. As released on FST-7 SHOULDERS AND TRICEPS WORKOUT SHOULDERS 1) DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS 2 warm-up sets, 2 working sets of 8-12 reps 2) CABLE LATERAL RAISE 1 warm-up set, […]

FST-70, Hany Rambod, Jeremy Buendia, Video

FST-7 Chest & Biceps Featured On

Watch and learn from Hany Rambod, one of the best coaches in fitness, as he takes Men’s Physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia through a brutal FST-7 chest-and-biceps workout! As released on FST-7 CHEST AND BICEPS WORKOUT 1) INCLINE DUMBBELL PRESS 2 warm-up sets of 12-15 reps 2-3 working sets of 8-10 reps (if you’re […]

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70 Seconds on FST-7 Glute Abductors

Pro Creator and Celebrity coach Hany Rambod demonstrates this popular glute abductor movement with Evogen Elite Athlete Lauren Findley. Abductor machines isolate the glutes, but due to the varying size discrepancies of various types of abductor machines the individual must make adjustments to get the resistance through the entire range of motion. Bring knees as […]