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Jeremy Buendia Wins Number 3

Jeremy Buendia Wins Number 3


After this past Olympia Weekend Jeremy Buendia now holds three Men's Physique Olympia Titles!

His latest Olympia themed hat reads "Buendia x3" on the front. Buendia never had a doubt in his mind. Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners. Jeremy kept his head down his entire prep and walked out on the Olympia stage to let his physique do the talking.

In this video, Jeremy Buendia is interviewed and talks about what #3 means to him and where he goes from here. The champ showed up, lined up the competition, and knocked them all down.

Is there any stopping Jeremy Buendia from coming back year after year? With the physique Jeremy brings to the stage, it's going to be extremely difficult for anyone to knock him off the mountain.

We are thrilled that Jeremy Buendia wins number 3 and we have no doubt that he can win many more if he continues to put in the work and show up in his best condition ever.

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