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How Lion’s Mane Can Make You the King of the Jungle

How Lion’s Mane Can Make You the King of the Jungle

When you think of lion’s mane, you’re probably envisioning a ferocious lion deep in the jungle whose mane sways back and forth with each step while hunting his next meal. Its mane exemplifies its masculinity and dominance over all other animals who walk among it. Well, that’s not exactly what we’re referring to in this article. In fact, what if I were to tell you that we’re talking about a fungus that you should be eating to provide you with a ton of benefits? 

No, I’m not crazy… I really think you should eat this fungus – more specifically, lion’s mane. Lion’s mane is nothing more than a specific type of mushroom that has a ton of health and performance benefits. It’s for that reason why so many athletes and even those who live an active lifestyle prefer to use it as an ergogenic and competitive edge on a daily basis. When they want to be the king of their jungle (such as in the gym or on the playing field), they look to the power of lion’s mane to provide them with the boost they need and the edge required to win.

In this article, we will look at what lion’s mane is, what it can do for you, and two Evogen pre-workouts that leverage lion’s main in their formulas.


What is Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s mane gets its name, as you’d expect, from its shaggy appearance that resembles a “lion’s mane.” While not the easiest to find due to its rarity out in nature, if found, it serves many useful purposes. This mushroom has been used for medicinal purposes as well as a culinary delicacy in places like China, Japan, Korea, and India for years. Lion’s mane can also be used as a tea or used as part of a meal. 

It’s said that this particular mushroom has the flavor and texture of lobster or crab and that if you enjoy seafood, there’s a high probability that you would also like this mushroom.

While many countries use lion’s mane for different purposes, using it as a supplement has exploded over the past few years due to the many benefits you can experience through its use.

You can find lion’s mane in its natural whole mushroom form, as a supplement (such as a powder or capsule), and also used in functional foods and beverages for health and performance benefits.


Benefits of Lion’s Mane 

  1. Boost Energy 

Energy production is just one of the many benefits you can experience through the use of lion’s mane. Best of all, this source of energy won’t cause you to crash like so many stimulants out there. You can achieve a steady increase in energy without any jitters or shakes.

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Powerful antioxidants found naturally in lion’s mane help your cells produce energy that can fuel your day and workouts.


  1. Decrease Fatigue

If you’re physically active, boosting endurance while reducing fatigue can be extremely advantageous when it comes to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Another benefit that is associated with the use of lion’s mane is its ability to increase muscle endurance.

Along with the endurance benefit, lion’s mane can also help decrease fatigue and help you push harder and further during your workouts, as well as support blood flow out to the working muscles, which can aid in providing an intense muscle pump.


  1. Increase Fat Metabolism

While not exactly high up on the list of things traditionally found in a pre-workout, who wouldn’t want to be able to increase fat metabolism while boosting their workout performance? Wouldn’t it be great to burn extra fat while doing a workout you had already planned to do anyway? Of course!

Lion’s mane can help improve fat metabolism to aid in shedding off some unwanted body fat. This is important as the less body fat you hold onto, the higher your metabolic rate is, the more lean muscle mass you can possess, and the lower your risk for disease and illness may be.


  1. Heighten Focus & Concentration 

Do you lack focus and concentration during your workouts? If so, that’s essentially the kiss of death when it comes to your gains, as more than likely, you’ll simply be going through the motions.

You need total focus and concentration during your workouts to establish a solid mind-muscle connection. You want to be able to feel those deep muscle fibers firing to activate the entire muscle and promote muscle growth.

The goal is to feel your muscle fibers firing throughout the entire set – creating the micro-tears in the muscle that promote hypertrophy.

Supplementing with lion’s mane has been shown to help improve focus, concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function. It also has the capability to stimulate natural growth factor (NGF) production, which supports neurons in the brain.


  1. Reduce Inflammation 

Your body is constantly at battle with inflammation. While free radicals that enter the body are attacked and destroyed, even then, some may cause an inflammatory response. Both oxidative stress along with intense workouts can be a reason for inflammation and soreness. 

Lion’s mane contains potent and natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help manage inflammation in the body.

If you find yourself suffering from inflammation in your joints due to grueling workouts or overuse injuries, lion’s mane could be a solution to your painful woes.


Powerful Matrixes in Evogen Pre-Workouts

Hany Rambod, 22X Olympia winning coach, searched high and low for ingredients that can help enhance your workout. When he found lion’s mane, he realized that it was a game-changer in the sense that it fits the mold of what’s needed in a pre-workout to a “T” and what was missing in today’s formulations. 

Below are two of the Evogen Nutrition pre-workouts that include lion’s mane, as well as how the matrix it’s been added to can help boost your workout performance.


Evogen Nutrition Xtreme N.O. 

When it comes to an all-in-one pre-workout, Evogen Nutrition Xtreme N.O. has it all. Everything from stimulants, to nitric oxide boosters, to focus enhancement, to muscle volumization. The matrix we want to really focus on in the formula is the EVP Xtreme N.O. Stimulation Matrix.

This matrix includes potent ingredients such as l-tyrosine, DMAE, lion’s mane extract, caffeine, and Pausinystalia extract. This combination of specific ingredients works together and helps compound the effects you can achieve.

If you want a pre-workout that contains stimulants while also helping you get dialed into your workout and help break down those deep muscle fibers to promote an increase in muscle size and strength, Evogen Nutrition Xtreme N.O. will punch your ticket every time.


Evogen Nutrition EVP 3D 

Stimulants not your thing? No biggie. Evogen Nutrition EVP 3D is the ultimate stim-free pre-workout supplement to create intense pumps and being a superior training ignitor compared to other products on the market. 

That said, if you like stimulants, Evogen Nutrition EVP 3D makes for an excellent addition to other products containing stimulants to create a powerful stack. EVP 3D is incredibly versatile. 

The matrix we want to focus on for this article is the EVP 3D Focus Matrix. The blend of precise ingredients in this matrix includes l-tyrosine, DMAE, and lion’s mane extract. Overall, this matrix is very similar to what is found in the EVP Xtreme N.O. matrix, with the only difference being the exclusion of caffeine. 

Are you looking for a stimulant-free pre-workout that can still boost energy, maximize muscle pumps, enhance focus, and the mind-muscle connection? If so, Evogen Nutrition EVP 3D will quickly become the only pre-workout you reach for before destroying your workouts.

All in all, if you want some incredible benefits and the ability to enhance your training and workouts, look for lion’s mane in your pre-workout formula and become the king of your jungle!

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