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Team Evogen Elite Welcomes IFBB Wellness Pro Dr. Sunny Andrews

Team Evogen Elite Welcomes IFBB Wellness Pro Dr. Sunny Andrews

Evogen Nutrition is known for signing some elite and ambitious athletes. The newest addition to the growing Evogen Elite team is IFBB Pro League Wellness athlete and Top 6 at the 2021 Olympia Dr. Sunny Andrews who got her athletic start in track and soccer. Sunny was later recruited to play soccer in college, where she grew to enjoy strength training. Lifting weights in medical school is where she forged the determination to build her strength and created a solid foundation for herself. She fell in love with the fitness lifestyle as a way of promoting what she thought western medicine should be - promoting a healthy lifestyle of training and nutrition.

Sunny began competing with the NPC/IFBB Pro League after they introduced the Wellness division, which she felt was more in line with her body type. She competed for the first time in the NPC this past Fall, then the next show she won her IFBB Pro Card and has done seven IFBB Pro shows since, one of them being the 2021 Olympia where she earned Top 6.

Sunny enjoys high volume resistance strength training during prep with cardio such as paddling in a kayak, walks outside or the stair master. During her off-season Sunny switches things up with cross training such as wake boarding, Pilates, or playing soccer. Sunny signed with Evogen and Hany Rambod based on Hany’s philosophies in the sport which mirrored hers as well as the quality of the products after trying them herself.

"I'm a huge fan of Sunny's physique. She carries a great balance of 3D muscle especially for an athlete that has only just started competing. I'm happy to have her as a part of Team Evogen and excited to see the improvements she will make in 2022 with the full line of Evogen Nutrition products in her arsenal." said Hany Rambod, 22X Olympia winning coach and CEO of Evogen Nutrition.

Currently, Sunny is excited for the invitation to the 2022 Arnold Classic, and she earned her 2022 Olympia qualification at the Ben Weider Natural Pro show already.  Her current bodybuilding goals are to win the 2022 Arnold and Olympia. Her professional goals are to promote preventative medicine with fitness and nutrition for everyone as opposed to invasive medical procedures.  

Follow Sunny on Instagram @drsunnyandrews


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