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Team Evogen Elite Welcomes Coach Kye Daley

Team Evogen Elite Welcomes Coach Kye Daley

Evogen Nutrition continues to bolster their ambitious Evogen Elite Coach program with the latest addition of Coach Kye Daley. Kye is originally from Australia and has been in the United States for the past 6 years. His athletic life started with middle and long distance running in triathlons. Over the years Kye has tried his hand at various sports including rugby and cricket, but has now turned to bodybuilding while helping his clients achieve their best goal physiques within the bodybuilding space.   

Getting into bodybuilding around 25 years old, Kye found the passion and drive for simply enjoying the process. Kye started competing in Australia when he was 27, then as he moved to the United States he began competing in the local NPC MuscleContest shows in Southern California. Dreaming of attaining the coveted IFBB Pro card is what fuels Kye’s love for the sport of bodybuilding which he transfers to all of his clients as well.

Evogen has been a brand that Kye has loved since his days in Australia because of the science behind the products and the brand’s culture for striving to be ones best self. Kye’s goals for the future are to help as many people as he can as a coach with the best supplement brand in the industry, but also as an influencer and as an athlete.

Follow Kye on Instagram @kyedaley

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