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Natural Diuretics: The Ultimate Physique Detailer

Natural Diuretics: The Ultimate Physique Detailer

Whether you are looking to jump on a competitive bodybuilding stage or are simply trying to look your best for a special event, natural diuretics could provide you with the quick physique detailer you need to look your best. While the use of diuretics is not recommended on a consistent basis, when used occasionally, they can have some awe-inspiring results.

What exactly is the purpose of natural diuretics, and what can they help you achieve with your physique? That’s exactly what we are diving into with this article. Below, you will find three uses and benefits associated with diuretics and why you may want to consider them when striving to achieve a certain look. 

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Disclaimer: You should always consult with your doctor before using diuretics or any other supplement to ensure you are healthy enough to use them and confirm they will not interfere with any medications you may currently be taking. Also, prescription diuretics may be needed for certain medical conditions that are monitored under a doctor’s supervision. Do not assume you can use an over-the-counter diuretic in place of a medically prescribed drug from your doctor.


1. Drop Water Weight for an Almost Instant Thinning Effect

Both men and women, alike, all have a vision in their head of what they strive to look like – some act upon that vision while others simply make excuses for their complacency. You’re reading this because you clearly have a vision and are taking action. Regardless of your gender, natural diuretics can help you expel excess water that you may be holding onto.

If you look in the mirror and you appear (or even feel) bloated, or maybe you saw the pounds start creeping up on the scale but aren’t necessarily convinced that it’s fat as your nutrition has been clean and consistent, it could be that you’re holding onto water – it’s quite common.

Natural diuretics can fairly quickly help you lose several pounds based on how much water you are retaining. If you were trying to fit into something special for an upcoming occasion or event, natural diuretics might allow you the ability to slip into that special dress or wear clothing that was fitting a little snug before but now fits perfectly and provides the shape and silhouette you were striving for.


2.    Enhance Muscle Definition 

When it comes to supplementing with natural diuretics, the end goal is to strip away that layer of fluid and water that lies between your skin and your hard-earned muscle. Piggybacking off of what was mentioned in #1 is the fact that you may experience a hardening effect when you use natural diuretics. Once you remove the water that was creating a smooth and soft illusion, what you’re left with is a more muscular, defined, and separated look. 

Many bodybuilders and fitness competitors will reach for natural diuretics a week or so before their show to start the process of drying out – ultimately, pushing out any water weight and retention they may be holding onto and getting those deep cuts and muscle separation that allows them to walk on stage looking like an anatomy chart. 

With all this being said, there is one caveat that needs to be mentioned. Taking natural diuretics does not mean you’re getting a thermogenic effect or any sort of fat burner unless it’s included in a specific formulation. What this means is that if you are holding onto body fat or you haven’t done any dieting at all and think natural diuretics will transform your physique in a matter of 72 hours, you’re mistaken.

For diuretics to truly do their job at enhancing your muscle definition, you would have already needed to put in the work yourself to drop body fat and get as lean as possible before even thinking about adding natural diuretics into your plan.


3.    Herbal and Natural Diuretic Formulations

There should be a disclaimer that diuretics need to be used as directed. The “more is better mentality” could cause several health complications and risks. Whether someone is using a prescription diuretic or a natural, there are always risks involved – just like with pretty much all supplements out there that are used and abused. That said, herbal and natural diuretics have been used successfully for years and with great results.

Some common ingredients found in natural diuretics are dandelion extract, horsetail extract, uva ursi extract, juniper berry extract, along with some other root ingredients.

One of the risks generally associated with diuretics is becoming deficient in specific nutrients such as B6, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. If you can keep the levels of those in balance, it will help prevent your body from cramping up.

Something worth noting is that, if you are an athlete (at any level), you should always check with your organization to see if any ingredients in the diuretic you are looking to use is on their banned substance list. Yes, even some natural diuretics are on these lists. You don’t want to test positive for a particular ingredient on the list and be handed a penalty or suspension. You assume all risks and liabilities, so make sure you do your homework.


Get That Dry, Hard Look You’ve Been Dying For

When you look at everything natural diuretics can do to improve and enhance your physique, it’s no wonder why so many competitors take them. The hardest thing to do is find a natural diuretic you can trust and with the specific ingredients mentioned above to not only provide you with the results you desire but can keep you safe as well.

It’s for that very reason Evogen Nutrition Super Dry was launched. Evogen Nutrition is a brand you can trust that has been around since 2008 when Hany Rambod started formulating very specific products using only the highest quality ingredients for his IFBB Pro clients. 

Evogen Nutrition Super Dry utilizes a premium water loss matrix of ingredients to help push water out and reveal your hard, dense muscle. You’ve worked hard in the gym to achieve the look you desire. Why would you want to hide it all the time with a film of water that makes you look soft and bloated? Evogen Nutrition Super Dry is a 100% transparent profile that utilizes only the hardest hitting natural diuretic ingredients available. You also get key electrolytes your body demands that can become depleted through the drying out process. Add in the fact that the profile includes patented BioPerine® that helps increase the absorption of ingredients, and you have an all-inclusive water-expelling supplement that sets a new industry standard.

If you’re looking for natural diuretics that can help you look your best on stage or at your special event, leave it up to Evogen Nutrition Super Dry to help you look your best!


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