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The 1st Ever Evogen Physiques Workshop Was a Huge Success!

The 1st Ever Evogen Physiques Workshop Was a Huge Success!

Evogen Nutrition is proud to announce that the 1st even Evogen Physique’s Workshop was a huge success.

The event held at Pearl Street Gym in Eatontown, NJ this past was weekend was a hands-on and interactive seminar hosted by FST-7 creator and 17x Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod and 3x Mr. Physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia. Rambod also serves as CEO of Evogen Nutrition and has been Buendia’s longtime coach since turning pro.

Both Rambod and Buendia are considered to be at the pinnacle of competitive physique circuit in the International Federation Bodybuilding. While both are very active in the elite levels, this is the first time they’ve held a workshop style seminar training attendees live. Also, never before have they given such a depth explanation of the nutrition and supplements behind Evogen Nutrition.  


What attendees came away with was a firm grasp of the FST-7 training system which is much more than an exercise programming style. It’s a complete nutrition, training, and supplementation system designed specifically around perfecting the physique. Evogen Nutrition products serve as a catalyst for bridging the training and nutritional protocols of FST-7 by maximizing recovery and blood flow. Together, FST-7 and Evogen supplements help build the world’s best physiques which became very evident during the seminar.

Despite the seminar being hosted for only a small group of competitive NPC and IFBB athletes, you will have an opportunity to watch key segments. Be on the lookout for the up-coming video series on If you want to get advanced notification of when they episodes will be released be sure to sign up for the Evogen eNews. To view a full gallery of the event please visit this page.

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