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2017 Evogen Physique Workshop Part 1 - What is FST-7?

2017 Evogen Physique Workshop Part 1 - What is FST-7?

Many people have asked, "What is FST-7?"

Evogen Nutrition CEO Hany "The Pro Creator" Rambod is know for his FST-7 training system and under his guidance, top physique competitors have won several Olympia titles using it.

Learn about what is FST-7 and why this highly sought after physique-perfecting system has been utilized by the world's best physique athletes for over two decades.

In this segment of the first ever Evogen Physique Workshop you'll hear the answer to the question "What is FST-7?" You'll also come to discover why Evogen Nutrition was created to help accelerate the results of FST-7 training.

Be sure to take notes if you're serious about training and want to take your physique to the next level. Have you ever wanted to learn from the best? When experience speaks, you listen. Check out this video that explains "what is FST-7?"

When done, click here to go to part 2.


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