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What are the differences between AminoJect and Cell K.E.M.?

What are the differences between AminoJect and Cell K.E.M.?


There seems to be a little confusion about the differences between AminoJect and Cell K.E.M. What are they? How are they different? And when should you use both products?

Evogen Founder/CEO Hany Rambod "The Pro Creator" breaks down the differences between the AminoJect BCAA and Cell K.E.M. amino builder, in this video to help you get a better understanding on which product is right for you, or how you can incorporate both into your routine.

Here are some of the key points:

  • AminoJect is designed to enhance recovery, while Cell K.E.M. has an amino builder designed to maximize fullness, build muscle, and enhance recovery.
  • AminoJect and Cell K.E.M. both contain electrolytes, but Cell K.E.M. also contains creatine, nitric oxide precursors, and anti-oxidants to enhance the cellular effects of the nitric oxide precursors.
  • AminoJect can be used in a daily stack with Cell K.E.M., but the ratios of each depends on whether you are cutting, in maintenance mode, or bulking.

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  • Hello, what are the differences between aminoject and amino kem? And also how an when to use them?


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