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IsoJect Protein Strawberry Parfait

IsoJect Protein Strawberry Parfait

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You know what's both delicious AND nutritious? Freakin' Greek yogurt, people! Therefore, Evogen's Goodies An Glutes segment presents to you this beautifully built parfait, featuring IsoJect Vanilla Bean Protein and some real strawberries... Yeah, you read that correctly, REAL strawberries! If your mouth is watering, get ready, because you'll be loving on this tasty treat when you're wanting a quick n' healthy breakfast OR scrumptious dessert. This light yet luscious summer recipe comes from one of our very own Evogen Ambassadors, Kelsey Voight. Thanks, girl!

Macros: 295 cal 27c/3f/40p

What you will need:

0% Nonfat Greek Yogurt IsoJect Vanilla Bean Protein Fresh Strawberries Oats/Granola (or topping of choice) Stevia (or sweetener of choice)

How to make it:

1. Mix 1c. of 0% nonfat greek yogurt with

2 Tb. Of @evogennutrition IsoJect Vanilla Bean Protein. Taste and add zero calorie sweetener to desired result. I added 1 packet of stevia.

2. Grab 6-7 fresh strawberries (about 95-100g) and slice them vertically.

3. Portion out 2-3 Tb. of granola. If you don't have granola, you can make your own by toasting dry oats in a pan with some stevia and spices. OR just use dry oats and let the finished Parfait sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to soften them.

4. Now all you have to do is layer! Begin with a spoon full of the Greek yogurt, then add granola, then berries and repeat until you've reached the top of your dish. This "recipe" makes 1 serving.

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