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7 Ways To Avoid Extra Christmas Pounds

7 Ways To Avoid Extra Christmas Pounds

[block id="special-offer-for-content-pages"]   Christmas is a time of joy and celebration with family and friends. Unfortunately, winter weight gain is often as rampant as holiday cheer, and were not talking about the type of gains you post on Instagram. To help you fight the "battle of the bulge," here are 7 ways you can still enjoy Christmas meals while keeping your physique on point.
  1. Move in the Morning - Start your day with Christmas Cardio, even if it is as simple and low key as a walk around the block. Boost your metabolism and burn some calories in preparation for the Christmas goodies to come.
  2. Eat More to Eat Less - Rather than skipping meals in anticipation of the Christmas spread to come, make sure you eat meals throughout the day. You can cut back on calories per meal knowing that the social eating may yield a few extra calories, but make sure your total calories are spread throughout the day.
  3. Never Arrive Hungry - This concept is something to avoid before any party, gathering, or even before grocery shopping. If you arrive hungry, you will be more likely to overeat.
  4. Limit Alcohol Consumption - Alcohol will almost immediately shut down your metabolism and bring on cravings for more food. Light alcohol consumption such as a glass or two of wine may actually provide some health benefits, but over consumption will most certainly lead to a few unwanted pounds.
  5. Use a Smaller Plate - One cannot eat what they cannot fit on their plate. Limit overall quantities of food by having smaller portions per sitting.
  6. Pace Yourself - It can take up to 15-20 minutes after food is eaten for the full range of signals of satiety to reach the brain. Eating slower will allow you to eat to satisfaction rather than pigging out and nursing the food baby afterwards.
  7. Drink More Water - Drinking more water can help control calories by contributing to satiety when combined with food, as well as substituting for higher calorie beverages.
To maximize morning cardio, take 1 serving Lipocide and 1 serving Carnigen first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Since carnitine is required for the breakdown of fats into metabolic energy, you can further maximize your metabolism by taking Carnigen again throughout the day.
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