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Shredded & Sexy - Seated Shoulder Press

Shredded & Sexy - Seated Shoulder Press


We stopped to get some tips from our female Evogen Nutrition Elite Athletes where they talk about the seated shoulder press. There are many women out there who are afraid to push themselves in the gym when it comes to weight training in fear of getting "bulky" like men. Luckily, this doesn't happen due to the difference in hormones between men and women.

That said, women can build shredded and sexy shoulders by incorporating challenging weight and movements into their shoulder training and can see fantastic results when they add the seated shoulder press into their routine.

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Follow along in this video to find out how you can better use the seated shoulder press to create shredded and sexy shoulders worthy of showing off. You'll find out how to to the exercise properly with correct form, along with how many reps you should do and where in your workout you should add the seated shoulder press. Don't miss this informative video!

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