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Hany Rambod & Hadi Choopan - FST7 Shoulders in Germany

Hany Rambod & Hadi Choopan - FST7 Shoulders in Germany

Evogen Founder and 22X Olympia Winning Coach Hany Rambod got together with Team Evogen Elite athlete and client Hadi Choopan to blast FST-7 Shoulders!

As if Hadi Choopan could make his shoulders any bigger, Hany has a few tricks up his sleeve to help cap those delts even more by implementing some key techniques in this FST-7 shoulders workout.

Watch The Pro Creator™ take the Persian Wolf through adjustments in his form during his delt workout in Germany by pushing through FST-7 shoulders!

Follow along as Hany showcases some of his best kept secrets during the FST-7 shoulders workout and start implementing the same things you see into your own training program to help get those shoulders growing.

Let us know how your workout went after trying this FST-7 shoulders workout for yourself!

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