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4 Ways to Crush Candy Cravings

4 Ways to Crush Candy Cravings

Halloween is right around the corner, which usually means some serious candy cravings are about to creep up on you… BOO!  We all know about the addictive powers of sugar, and need to be wary of the pitfalls. Are you prepared to deal with this year’s trick-or-treats? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

1. Natural Sweeteners Slay Sugar

To prepare yourself for this year’s festivities, try replacing artificial sweeteners for natural sweeteners like Stevia. Stevia is an all-natural herbal sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. It’s 200 times sweeter than sugar, but with zero calories and zero carbs.  Plus, stevia doesn’t contribute to dental cavities in the same way traditional sugar-filled candy does. These awesome qualities are what led us to include Stevia in our Evogen Naturals line, which contains zero artificial sweeteners. You can check out some of our most popular Naturals products here.  

2. Fruits & Veggies for the Win

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s nutritious treats! They’re high in fiber, low on calories, and contain natural sugars – none of that addictive high-fructose corn syrup stuff. The best part about fruits and veggies is that they boost serotonin levels, which will make you less likely to crave your favorite Halloween treats containing processed sugars. Both spirulina and pomegranate extract are considered “superfoods” and possess a variety of attributes that combat the ravages of sugar; both are teaming with antioxidants, can naturally curb sugar cravings and even help to keep blood sugar levels low. Evogreens contains 6 servings of fruits and veggies, including 2 grams of Spirulina, 150mg of pomegranate extract and contains ZERO artificial sweeteners. Time to start making some yummy green smoothies!  

3. Exercise & Rest to Redirect

Getting the proper amount of sleep along with regular exercise can help to increase serotonin levels naturally. Increased serotonin puts us in a positive mood, and even regulates our appetite. That’s why keeping our bodies in check is super important. By following a balanced fitness regimen, you’ll be better equipped to avoid those sugar cravings. Need help getting your training back on track? Our Shred Like Buendia page has plenty of detailed workouts, training videos, diet plans and supplementation schedules to guide you!  

4. Smart Strategies for Sweets

Everyone should get excited for Halloween, but it’s important to celebrate smart and NOT get tricked by the treats! When candy is not in the house, you’re less likely to be tempted to have a few pieces (or the whole bar, am I right?). So, we recommend waiting to buy your supplies until a night or two before Halloween. If the candy is out of sight and out of reach, it’s out of mind! If you feel like that won’t do the trick, then try buying your least favorite candy. This way, you’ll be more interested in pawning them off on trick-or-treaters, and if you have some leftover, you’ll still want nothing to do with it!

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