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Team Evogen Home Based Glute Workout with Shaunna Marie

Team Evogen Home Based Glute Workout with Shaunna Marie

Follow Team Evogen's Shaunna Marie in this easy to follow home based glute workout. No equipment needed, but a band will help if you have access to one. Get those glutes popping from the comfort of your home.

1️ Glute Bridge with Abduction
This movement hits all 3 glute muscles, abductors and also requires core stabilization

2️ Banded Single Leg Glute Bridge
I am pushing through my heel and squeezing my glute at the top of the movement

3️ Banded Clam Shell
This is a great glute activation exercise you can do before training. I also like to use this at the end of my workouts as a burnout

4️ Banded Hip Raise Abduction
Bottom hip raises up off the floor; top knee abducts. Probably one of the most challenging glute medius exercises EVER!!

5️ Banded Fire Hydrant
As I am lowering my left leg down I am sinking into my right hip


Shaunna’s Glute Day Supplements:
• EVP 3D 1 Scoop
• EVP AQ 1/2 cap


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